Withdrawal Limits

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All right, I want to talk about with drawl limits. And quite simply, withdrawal limits often happen at two distinct moments depending on the country. It's either whatever your country's currency is $5,000 USD, or $10,000 USD. And these are kind of these limits, like I said, where you start hitting an area you got to verify yourself and more than verify yourself. They're going to ask for little things, you know, it might be like a phone. Then you have your email, but you're also going to want to add a credit card if you can get one and the best credit cards that you can have are what's known as deposit credit cards or beginning credit cards.

Basically what it is, is you'll send off, you know, 200, or even $100. And then you'll get a, it's basically a debit card, but they act as a credit card and adds to your credit limit. And these things then will add to your credit score. And you can add this credit card to paypal as well. And it allows you just to again, spend $200 through this, this card. And when you add all of these things, that's probably your first verification.

Your next verification that will happen will be something where you have to register an LLC, or an address a physical and the reason for this is that they want to kind of have that extra extra warranty that you are who you say they you are, and you still are who you say you are. That's why even after these limits, you're going to find that there'll be, you know, probably for you somewhere around this moment, the hundred K. And then I haven't processed that process that much through a PayPal a singular paypal account before. But I've heard that even at the million they'll still re verify you, you know, they just want to make sure they're you are you still you know who you say? Are you still alive? Are you you know doing the same business are you located in the same areas is this update is your phone number, okay?

Because this is to at this point, I look at it as more of to your benefit. When you're at these areas. You think, Oh man, I could get limited. You know, I'm not doing a lot of money. I need this money. But when you get to these areas, you understand it's it's for their benefit for your benefit.

All of these things is if your account gets compromised, the way they are as a bank is that you know sometimes they're not able to recover your funds because of the way people are so ingenious with the the laundering of this money. They'll launder it through dozens of different PayPal accounts. And then sometimes those pay those people are, of course, if you have a high enough limit and you've been verified in certain ways, when you get scammed there, there's a lot of it's a long story, but there's a lot of people that end up having to pay back that debt. The scammers don't, but the people who they used for these real PayPal accounts, they end up having to withdraw their money and pay you back. So this is all to your benefit when you get these types of verifications. Because if you ever get scammed of $25,000, you want to make sure that you get that money back.

And you know, I've seen kind of the shady underworld because I always wondered once it happened, you know, what the heck happened? And how get verified Am I of getting this back and, you know, you're pretty you have a pretty good chance when you go through these verifications and these withdrawal limits. So these withdrawal limits are in place at first seem Like, it's, uh, you know, it sucks, you can only, you know, get out, maybe a certain amount. And sometimes you withdrawal limits, the limits that they placed on you are literally you're trying to take out money and they say, you know, nope, you can't do that you can't withdraw this hundred and $20 that you just recently got, but it'll be available in six days. The reason for those types of limits is because like I've explained before, you have a new account, you know, you need at least 90 days of some history, it's good to have $250 there's at least gone through your account.

And they'll usually limit like I said, the first five K, at different moments, they're not going to limit every single one of these. See, but they will limit you know, once that kind of hit their algorithm go a hold up. We're going to have you pause that transaction for a few days. Sometimes a week, sometimes two, it all depends on what it is. If it's a physical delivery, it's when that tracking number comes back and says, you know, right here, okay, you know, they got it, that's fine. Here's the tracking number.

You know, whatever that is. So that's kind of what that's for. And then the other thing is, is do you have at least 25 transactions. So, again, a lot of these limitations and withdrawal limits happen because you have a new or fresh account that hasn't had a lot of money going through it. Once you do, you start getting these types of limits. And you'll hit one, five K, they'll need you to verify stuff.

And then these types of things. These will, you know, oh, you can't have it for six days. It'll become instantaneous after this. So that's just something for you to realize.

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