Adding The Button Code to Your Website

4 minutes
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Once you hit Create on any button no matter what button it is that you create automatic payment shopping cart by it now, it's going to have two different outputs. There's one for website, and there's one for an email. And the email is going to be a little bit different, it's going to show up inside of someone's browser, and they can check out via that way. So it's going to be kind of, again, sent via a message more or less, you can also just simply attach this, here's random Billings, you can attach this URL to any type of image, you know, if you want to have your own custom by now image, that's what it'll do. So this is a Buy Now check out so they just have to log in to check out and just like that, you're done. And it's obviously recurring, as you can see, because it's $97 each month.

Now, of course, inside of that, if you have a website, then what you're going to end up doing is coming inside and I have a WordPress, but you may have Magento wicks, you know, round cubics all different types of content management systems, they work basically the same. Go to where you can add posts or your blog, it may be listed as such, you're going to go and click text versus visual. Because if I were to paste this in, and I would say, check out for random buildings. And of course, I want to let people know how much they're going to be getting charged. If I switch over to visual, that's what it will look like. And there we go.

So if I preview this now, what this will end up doing is exactly like if I attached this entire code Just giving me the PayPal button, which PayPal Of course knows what works best, as if I were right here. And I emailed that link somewhere else, and someone clicked on that link. So if someone's just clicking on that link, and now since I'm, of course logged in, it's not going to work. But they would bring someone to a page exactly like this. This is the page that they're brought to, since I'm already logged in and it realizes that it of course is in its own my own button, it will just bring me back to the PayPal homepage. So that right there is how you can simply copy and paste and start putting these codes inside your website.

So that way the buttons right there are all together. This is of course to subscribe. So it's saying you're going to have recurring Billings, if it were a cart it would say Add To Cart if it were a buy it now and say you know, purchase. So that's what you'll end up doing inside your creative button. There we go inside the generated code, create a button. And of course, if you want to create any additional buttons on top of that, you want to create a similar button here or a duplicate, you would just click on that, if you want to create and start from scratch, create a new button.

You can also have unsubscribe buttons so that they have the ability to cancel. This may be brought inside a membership area where people are consistently you know, build. And if they ever get tired of their subscription, they can unsubscribe by clicking on that button. And that's always open, but usually most people will go inside their account, figure it out. And if they have a PayPal account, which is the main way that you check out, especially with a recurring billing villain end up finding out how to do that inside their account. Otherwise, if they asked for an easy way to do it, this is where you do that right there.

And of course, you can go back to your saved buttons, find all the buttons that you've created just like this. Get their personal codes each so you can attach it to your website as needed.

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