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One of the first buttons that we're going to end up creating is the shopping cart button. Now what the shopping cart button does, is allows you to simply add more products and even quantities inside of the entire checkout process. So it's more or less based for an e commerce store where you have multiple products that you may want to buy at once. Things like this may be online groceries, Amazon checkouts, e commerce stores, something like even Google or eBay, they allow these types of checkout processes. Of course the other type of thing that if you do think of eBay, that they allow is what's known as a buy it now and that's a simple one time payment right away, right when you when the item or if it's a literally just a certain specific list price. You could get it instantly by just paying the ticket price and they'll ship it off right away.

The shop cart however, allows people to come and go. So there is the possibility for there to be cart abandonment as it's known. Do keep that in mind. But that's part of having an e commerce stores overcoming that main objective. So you're just going to simply name the item, I do suggest that you have item IDs. This will help you keep track of different things, especially if you have variations where you may have different colors or you know, things that you need to keep attached to this button.

So it will say sweater and the ID will be 001. Well, if the price simply be 1995 and you can add multiple things inside of this drop down price menu is going to allow you to select multiple options. Something like red white, or blue. You can add another option if you'd like to, or remove them when you're done just like that, so you get to choose the color that you want for yours. Do you want a red sweater? Do you want a white sweater Do you want a blue one, you can additionally add in a drop down menu.

The drop down menu is going to be the exact same thing. It's just letting you add more fields. You could even simply add in what size or if you're trying to fit a cap, fitted cap, you know there's all types of things you can add in a free text field so that people can add in comments if they're buying an item that's highly customizable. So all of this is done right here inside. One other thing, size that we want to cover small, medium, large and for those out there XL. And we're done.

So we want a white sweater large. I'm not too large. But I do want a larger sweater. And we'll say that's good. We can add that to cart now. So is there going to be a specific shipping amount just for this are you going to total that at the end, I do suggest, of course, that what you end up having is a one time flat fee, where it's a anything over $100 or anything over $50, etc.

Free shipping. Make sure of course that your e commerce store does allow for that so that they're not ordering maybe a 500 pound product for $400. Now you're out because you got to pay shipping. So if you have any tax rates, anything that's factored in, you can of course add that for us. We'll add seven and we'll use our secure merchant ID. Now, inside we can additionally track our inventory and this is inventory is just going to allow us to make sure that we're always staying in stock, especially if we dropship or do anything like that.

We want to make sure all of these item IDs are kept in line. And usually skews have a different thing instead of the item code plus whatever, you know, instead of a letter would usually be numbers, you know, maybe dash one. So that's what most ecommerce stores end up functioning as, you may have 90 of this in stock 100 of that 300 of this. So when you want to be alerted, well, probably right at that 50 Mark because you know, that's when things are getting low. And then, can customers buy an item one is sold out? We should say, you know, yes they can.

We'll be you know, giving them a specific thing a date when your item will be shipped. Or no, we don't. And we let them get redirected to a sold out page and just let them know, hey, unfortunately, this item is sold out at the moment. But if you'll check back, you know, sign up for emails, we'll let you know when it's going to be in. Okay, this gets a little bit more customized inside of the features. And I won't really be going through all of this as we create each button, but I will just be going inside of it for now.

So that way, you can see all three steps that take place. And when you customize your instructions, you're literally saying, Hey, is there anything else that you would like me to do with this? Is this a gift? Maybe? Do I do it? Should I gift wrap it should I say you know, from so and so to so and so especially if you deliver, you know, work with florists and you do online floral deliveries or even gift baskets, things like that.

That's something where you'd want to obviously take people's instructions into account right there. The thing is, do you need your customer shipping address? If this is a digital item? Of course not. So you should say no. But if it is not, it's actually a physical product, you're going to need to get that and ask Where should we end up shipping this.

Additionally, you can take your customers to a URL, they ever cancel saying, Hey, you know, don't abandon this cart just yet. We're going to save it for you for 24 hours. We'll send you some, you know, in case there's any coupons, you can actually start integrating smart coupons, where, oh, someone abandon their cart, give them 5% off, you're gonna be surprised how many people will come back. So just doing that is going to skyrocket. People purchasing take customers to this URL when they do finish their checkout? You know, do you have a specific page, you always want to boot them to, which is kind of your success dot php.

So it registers and takes into account Oh, this is their account, right? If you have a if you have a WordPress or Magento there's gonna be some e commerce platform they have these types of ideas. They'll tell you the URL, this is where you would put that in. So maybe success dot php, and tells them here's your whole order. This is everything. Success, you know, it's on its way, let us know if you have any questions.

In the meantime, you can add in advanced variables. And that's usually going to be different things like notifications, API's, IP, ns address overrides, so that it's like, hey, it, you're billing it to me, but you're shipping it to there. And you know, getting those types of things. Those are advanced variables. I'm not going to get into that so much because most of your systems are going to talk about these variables and give you the code ahead of time if it uses or needs this. So this kind of comes on a case by case basis for each CMS or really e commerce management system Ms. And once you have all of this created together, you just say create my button.

Just like that you'll instantly be brought to a page where you will get all of the coding from your button that you just created. Pretty easy right?

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