PayPal Holding Funds

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Alright, so I wanted to answer a few questions when it comes to payments being held. Basically, whenever a payment is pending, especially if you do eBay sales, there's a few reasons for that. The main ones are you need at least 25 transactions, or $250 in sales, or it's been at least three months or 90 days since your first sale. The main reasons for this is PayPal is just making sure that accounts that were just recently made aren't being used for spam, or any violations of you know, money laundering, things like that. The main reasons they want to hold your funds in the beginning is because your new account, if it's anything after those are more or less have to do with limitations of your account, but whenever they hold funds, again, it's because you're new to selling alright. Or a customer may have even indicated an issue.

Oftentimes, the Things like a chargeback. That can also be a reason for a dispute when a chargeback happens, and maybe because not something that you did, but simply their card had a lot of fraud on it. and due to that, the bank may sometimes withhold or drawback the charges that were most recent since the card was stolen. So that's just because a credit card is linked to a PayPal account. So it can be a very third party issue. It's nothing to do with you.

It's just something that you have to hold out for. Even sometimes I have an account that's had, you know, more than probably a couple hundred thousand dollars go through it. And I still every now and again will have an issue. The reason being is not because of me. It's because of a third party usually a credit card that's linked to another person's PayPal that they used to pay me and now because that transaction was within a certain date or time period of when their card was being used maliciously, that then falls on to me. Now it doesn't mean that I'm, you know, very few of those, we get these worked out.

And I really have charges that are due to, you know, someone trying to buy my services or products under fraudulent reasons. Now if that occurs, then yes, that's unfortunate. This is why you use eBay or something like that. You need to have tracking and delivery notes so that way you can make sure, hey, these things are technically delivered right away. The other thing that may be an issue is selling patterns. What's unusual that has to do with an algorithm that's much more than I could ever explain or even PayPal is willing to divulge.

That's kind of their own secret sauce. So again, this may be something that just naturally set off but the more that you no matter where you are, even when you're in high risk countries, as long as you start building up a history, which means you may want to start off kind of slowly All in a sense, let me just go over here and kind of show you what I mean, small, maybe something like you're starting off with $50. And you just keep doing, you know, 50 hundred dollars, etc 75 keep these transactions fairly small, what you're mainly trying to do is build up their first threshold I know about is 5000 the next one after that is 10,000. All right, and this is a USD. And then after that, you can go off pretty clear until you probably hit what's known as the hundred K. And then I've heard and 1 million stops.

And these happen occasionally to businesses not right on the money of this, but it's just around these areas they really check up on you make sure that this account is yours, which often means you need To submit IDs, you know, form sometimes business forms. Other times you're going to have to submit other forms of identification, you know, a driver's license or whatever. So you need to have identification available when you start getting to these thresholds. And naturally, if you get to these thresholds, even if you're in Indio, or you know, a Nigeria country that's really not trusted by PayPal, you can naturally get a you know, a government license or ID, or even a passport or and start getting some business forms and maybe business registrations, like an L, LLC. All of these types of things are then going to prove that you're a legitimate business.

But you no matter what, even if you had all of these things up front, I'm letting you know that you got to start small so you don't have these limitations. And then naturally, you're going to build up like I said, to eventually a five k limit. They're going hit you with this, this is what's naturally asked for, they need to start verifying for some countries, it's as much as 10 K, I do know that, you know, some European countries have 10 k limits, but eventually they're going to hit you with these things, and you got to supply these things form. This is something that's just got to be done. And then your accounts gonna be, you know, open, expanded and unlimited in a sense, where you're gonna have to come back for regular, I would say, not regular, but once you hit certain thresholds, they just need to make sure you are who you say you are still because accounts may have been hacked, they may have been compromised.

They don't know if you're deceased and somehow someone took over your account is using it through money for money laundering purposes or things like that. They just need to validate that you still are she say you are so nothing against you. The only time I'm going to talk about 180 day limitations. That's a whole nother matter.

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