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Okay, so I want to go into the personal account side and just give you a quick show round of how you do send in requests. But of course, if you're doing business, you need to create buttons, etc, then you're going to, of course, need a business account. So we'll be upgrading to that here shortly. Now, again, if you want to pay for goods or service, you can simply send money, have someone's email, or they'll send you an invoice to your email that you have registered with PayPal. And that's how you pay. You can send money to friends and family within the US, you can send it internationally, you can send it as a gift.

Now, this is dangerous. Don't send too many things as a gift, almost nothing. The only time you'd ever do that is when you want family. Because when you send it as a gift, it's literally on reversible, it's literally the only type of transaction that you cannot reverse. So and really the safest way which is eligible for purchase protection is of course paying for goods or services or Creating an invoice, you get seller protection when you do it that way. A lot of times, what you're gonna want to see is that when you're sending it to friends and family, you can do gifts, avoid all of those fees, especially if you have to pay with a credit card or things like that.

But when you pay for goods or services, and you're actually making online transactions, do make sure that you're protected by using either here pay for goods or services or create invoice if you're selling. You can request from anyone literally it's just send me off to their email saying, Hey, give me 50 bucks, you know, you'd have to explain why it's really for the nice thing is that this is still protected under seller protection, which means that when they pay this all you have to do is basically do a shortlist of whatever they bought. It's not even much details it may just be something like 50 backlinks, you know something that simple. And it's like what types of backlinks you know, where what types you know, did they are you going to create articles, all that you'll have to list all that So this is the quick, easy way of doing it.

Money pools is just collecting money together. Think of it like a local crowd fund. And the money pool obviously is nice because you're collecting it within one joint account. And that makes it a lot easier to you know, if you're making a group purchase things like that, then you can get PayPal. mailings. And this is so anyone can send you money in seconds.

But then again, that money is often going to be customizable. It's not going to be Hey, pay me $47 for this product right here, and it's not very professional in the outcome when they check out so this is the personal side. This is a quick easy way to use it, but what are you gonna end up viewing is going into your account settings. And inside of here, you're going to then be able to upgrade to a business account, just simply clicking there. Like said you're going to go want to go to the standard deviation, whatever the free business account that PayPal allows you, that's the one you'll want to choose. So that way you can accept payments and get processing right away.

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