4 Syllable Rhyme Schemes

7 minutes
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Yo, what's up, we're moving into four syllable rhyme schemes. Now hopefully so far, you have understood and grasped the stressed and unstressed syllable concept because it is one of the most important things. But we're going to go into some examples and exercises right away for the four syllable rhyme schemes, because I don't think that you need to go over anymore tutorial and how to you just probably want to see how these things are being shaped and maneuvered around. So in this example, we're going to start with the four syllable rhyme scheme, marketing pitch. So marketing pitch, that's four syllables. So where are the stress syllables in marketing pitch, so the to emphasis on the syllables are the mark and pitch you got bada bada Ba, Bada Ba, that's where the stress syllables are and the unstressed syllables are cutting, Mark cutting, pay pitch, that's the four syllable word that we're going to use to Start off with as an example.

So you know where the two stress syllables are, there is the stress syllable at the start and then two unstressed syllables and then another stress syllable following that. Now, again, like I said, the most important part of it is to rhyme the stressed syllable, so are an ish. And at the end of the rhyme, like I said, it's the most important to get close, right? So niche, so you want to be as close to niche as possible in the phonetic family. And as well, same with the on the other stress syllable. You want to be as close as possible there as well.

So I'm carving a niche marvelousness that works as well. Very cool, right? That's one full word fit into a four syllables that was already broken down, arm getting stiff, so I think that's cool because I thought of, you know, arm and stiff Ryan with car and niche, right? But I'm like, oh, man, like, I don't think of anything that's coming in between that rhymes with like, vinner right, so, my so think of like things that you would normally say, right? You know, I think my arms getting stiff, right? I'm carving a niche and my arms getting stiff from from, and then my car's in a ditch and karma is a bitch starting to flinch my articles skip, but my particles split it's just hard to resist this marginal shift.

It sounds super dope when it's put like that. Now I want to let you know something and a great way to structure these bars and to figure this out is to start with the stress syllables first. Right so are an itch. So if you want to break it down into even if it's more than one syllable, you can think of what are words that have that are sound in them. That's where you're going to think of and what are words that have that itch sound. Okay, so you're going to be like our, I don't know, bar, yo bar are a bargain.

So bargain. bargain. And chip there's another one I don't even think about that so my bargaining chips carving a niche and then you're gonna think of what else has that are sound like are you know I'm for I forward in this I forward in this bitch so you know my my carving a niche I'm marvelousness my arm getting stiff off heartedness bitch stupid, but I think you're getting the point right so the the two unstressed syllables again don't matter as much. So you can think of those stress syllables. And I think that's really cool and it's probably one of my favorite things to do and it's super fun to do. So definitely try that out.

There's also another option obviously, you got the stressed and then the unstressed and then stressed and then unstressed, right. So meditation, meditation, so med is a stress is the unstressed and then Tay is the stressed again and then on is the unstress of meditation, meditation, separation. I get impatient bread is bacon and the weather's changing the refs. The refs amazing. Usually they're not. But for my entertainment, I got some clever statements.

And again, like you said, so it's not as important around the unstressed syllable, right? So you can think of what are words that got that that start off with that s sound? And then also, what are words that start off with that a sound so ad a and ad a and so men, men a Jason bed, a bracing, bed, placing better placement, and then you kind of go through like that and then even just use the alphabet soup method of going. So what's a word that starts with F? You can start with B so bed, you know, bed, my bed is, you know, breaking my Hey, yo, that girls, I got a girl to my house and her bed is breaking. It's kind of like that right?

And then kind of go from there. I think that's pretty self evident. planetory because you can see the process that starts to emerge as you start to think of these runs. Now, obviously, this is a perfect rhyme separation and meditation, it's both one word right? And the end of it is perfect. Now you want to change it up.

You don't always want to have vegetation separation meditation, meditation, penetration meditation, you know, it's it gets kind of boring. So if you can think of other ones that are close like impatient with Taishan or bacon and changing amazing, those are cooler and different, more slant rhymes for the Asian right now at the start of it, you can think okay, I could just use one syllable for the stress, so med and then get or, and then you can have a three syllable word to match these three, and then you can change that up as well as it goes. There's so many different options that you could write hundreds and hundreds of rhymes and never run out of different options that are available, which is so sick for getting your message across. You know So that's that's pretty cool as well. You also have options that are stressed, stressed, and stressed and unstressed again, so dope rap some beats smoke crack for weeks.

I don't actually smoke crack for weeks. Not for a couple years now, I hold back the speech my notepads unique my phone apps complete, but you hear how the actual rhythm combines. And that's where all of this stuff comes from. And this is how hip hop is formed. This is why m&m is so dope. This is why logic Tec nine all these people are so dope because they understand these stressed and unstressed syllables.

And then when you use these stressed and unstressed syllables, and put them over top of drum beats, and then you match where your stress on the rhyme goes with the stress on the drum beat. And then also with the unstressed goes, it turns into something crazy, and that I will get further into that as we go along with flow and stuff like that. So I think that's kind of cool. And then I don't know why I repeated the same slide twice. But four syllable rhyme schemes, we're gonna move into five, six and seven syllable rhyme schemes because there's not much more you need to know in order to start, you know, drilling this down and writing your own rhyme schemes is super cool, man. This is my favorite part of hip hop.

So let me know if this has helped you out Edison rainmakers peace

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