4 Steps To flow on any beat

How to Rap: Masterclass by Rhyme Makers Rap Flow Breakdown Step-By-Step
3 minutes
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Yo, what's up everybody edits in rainmakers here, we're going to go over four steps to find the beat what we can find here. So it's going to be four quick steps, you can find any single beat ever. I learned this first from common who explained this, but the first step is to count to four. So 1234 each one of those counts is a beat a beat of time. And that's all a bar is is a count of four beats together, as we talked about in our structure, section before. Step two, is going to be to identify the kick and the snare so being able to differentiate on different beats, where the kick is and where the snare is.

Now, the kick is a drum beat and so as a snare there also have different types of sounds to them. So a kick would have more of a percussion of a type sound, whereas a snare would be more of like a clap or a and that's where you get boom bap from so it'd be like a boom and then a better And it'd be like, kind of that style, right. And then the hi hat is just in between like it's, and you don't necessarily need to focus on the hi hat, but that can come into play as well, which is kind of cool. Step three is going to be understanding that the kick is on the one and the three beat and the snare is on the two in the four beat. So that's and that's what a generally a hip hop beat is. So being able to identify where that is in the track is going to be the most important thing there.

So if you count out 1234 so that the kick lands on the one and three and the snares land on the two and the four, and we're gonna pull up some beats and just try to dissect that. So I'm just going to pull up some random beats that I haven't even listened to yet, just so I can show You guys what it sounds like so you can hear it already 12341234234123 to the four Yeah. So you can find that beat with the rap though. I'll be sitting in the back row asshole. Maybe tried to put the words on the beat when I'm looking for reverse to complete that it's me. Edwards work into street like I had a fucking time though I spent that one flow.

It's like I had some wind blow up in designer clothes every time I find my flow. It's like a kaleidoscope. Hi, Yo, I got that hydrology. Try to get the thing because it's round follow me I kind of get lost there in the beat sometimes. But that's a cool way to do it so we can even find something else. Fast forward that The kick is a little bit of a different style of a kick drum.

So 123 412-341-2341 into the two into the three into the four hot. So that's kind of how that goes. Now you could literally break down every single track with a four syllable word as well. And I learned this from common at first, and he said, every track and he has a track called watermelon. And he said that every track can be broken down by a four syllable word. So what term Melon and you can do that with any single track ever.

So kind of a cool concept to understand, but that is how you find any single beat. And that's how you are going to kick flows, man, so Edison rainmakers, hopefully this helped you out. Alright, peace

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