How to use rhymezone

5 minutes
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Yo, what's up everybody we are going to talk about how to use rhymes zone and rhyme dictionaries on the internet in order to find cool multi syllable rhymes. I'm going to show you a little bit of a strategy here. My favorite one is rhyme zone calm. So check them out for sure I have zero affiliation with them, but they're super dope like they come up with the best slant rhymes possible. I'm just going to give you a little bit of a breakdown of the website so you can see and how to use it. We'll use it really quickly here.

So you can see here you just have your word and you got to go find rhymes. Now when you click on this box, you're gonna find a whole bunch of different grammatical options. But what I like to use is I like to use near rhymes, that's a slant rhyme essentially is what it is, is my computer is dying I guess. But near rhymes is a really cool option to use it is a slant rhyme that's what near rhymes are. And when you go to type in something like rap, for example, And you want to find a rhyme for rap gives you an option for that here gives you your one syllable, two syllable, three syllable options for words. But then also as you scroll down, you'll see that there's a whole crap ton of options available.

Now on top of that, if we wanted to find multi syllable rhymes, say for example, we wanted to find Rhymes For dope raps, right? You have to use the near rhyme option but if you go to dope raps, it'll even find you completely awesome rhymes for some of these right? Which is so sick, it is literally endless that doesn't have everything you need, and some of them aren't very good but you can literally filter out what you find good and what you think is wack. Right. So dope raps and coat racks is a sick multi syllable slant rhyme, which I really love to have. And I just think it shows that it's a How actually unique this website is because there's a lot of other websites that won't actually do that.

So roadmaps and dope wraps and low pass filters on snow packs with coat racks, is, you know, it's it gets pretty cool that you can find that. Now there's some other options as well. So for example, if I wanted to, you know, you can expand your search, for example, if I wanted to find a multi syllable rhyme for like a phrase. So let's say we wanted to find a rhyme for I don't know Overpass. Let's say we wanted to find a rhyme for Overpass. There's not really many that options that are that are that great, but if you keep going scrolling down, you can actually find a whole bunch of different options down here, right polar packs, although perhaps, and some of them are bad, like never pass that doesn't really work.

And you'll see Hear how it's broken down by the rhyme rating, which is and meter here as well. So what the meter option is, is where is the stress syllable, and where are the unstressed syllables in the in the rhyme. These ones aren't the most accurate in terms of testing meter, but there's no other website that does that. So you can actually sort by that if you're looking for stress, certain stress syllables. Now, if you go into phrase rhymes, what it's going to do is it's going to break it down into only phrase Rhymes For Overpass. So it'll be two words minimum.

Now also, what you can do is you can do something like if you wanted to look up. Okay, looks like we had a little bit of a computer malfunction. I just didn't really plug it in. So that's what it happens. But what I was talking about is the phrase rhymes. So if you had something like, for example, you wanted to rhyme.

Let's say Kaleidoscope We'll go Kaleidoscope is going to break it down into only phrases right so final slope, rifle scope, science scope. These are all scope rhymes the highest hope, but it'll always be, it'll always be in phrase form. Now if you go back to near rhymes, it's going to show you these are just going to be the like the two the syllable lot rhymes, but if you scroll down a little bit further, those are going to be more of the closest arrived so Jeremiah spoke the slightest hope I got a microscope in my Kaleidoscope like isotope, so some dope rhyme options that are available there. I You can also break it down into two different sections. So for example, if you wanted to rhyme Kaleidoscope, you would actually just type in scope for near rhymes, you would write down a whole bunch of options that you have for the near rhymes.

And then you would also try to find and then even just go through the list like a hope I got my highest hope lightest scope, I tried to find the slope, and uh, you know, I tried to coat stuff like that so you can just pick the last part of it that's going to be as close as possible to the perfect tight ending rhyme and then you create the first portion of it as well. So I think that's a really cool way to do it. And this is just how to use rhinestone man I think it's super dope, so definitely give it a shot. Alright, peace. Even even a longer rhyme for example. Oh my god.

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