Mumble Rap, gibberish, and scatting

How to Rap: Masterclass by Rhyme Makers Rap Flow Breakdown Step-By-Step
3 minutes
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Yo, what's up everybody Edison rainmakers, we're going to talk about mumble rap, and jibberish and scatting. Some of my favorite topics, this is the best way to find your flow in hip hop, and to take that flow and then put it onto paper. So to take what's in your head and actually get it onto paper, this is 100% the best technique or method to use a lot of rappers use this method and a lot of rappers are doing this right now. So I'm just going to turn this beat on. Yo. So the whole key is to just spit a bunch of mumbles and gibberish and try to find the flow that way.

And then what it does is it trains your brain to figure out what stressed and unstressed syllables are going to work to data data. dadda dadda dadda dadda pata. represent a dependent bonded to beat to bid rather than the dead it counted to beat like said a deed or rapid town about a problem that by the racket about it other one is Yuna Milena Nina Murrow's is fast into goes about us to pose like this It made a rock bottom that's on a treated to beat a fat on the counter like a loaded a motor rotor devoted and hold it noted and voted to go to robot a vote in like a boom I'm super human I know Wait I never show when the poll winner rolling over the Cobra they did like I had a motorhome over to resize Boston the beast the beast the freestyle si si I know it sounds stupid shit, but I'm telling you right now.

If you can translate your mumbles and your jibberish into actual lyrics that sounds similar to that it's gonna sound dope as fuck and it actually teaches you to find different types of flows. for different types of beats. This shows you where to were to change it up and stuff like that. So that's kind of cool as well. Just kind of cycling through some beads here, like submitted a beat in pata. pata submitted a beat and pasa rapping about gold, passing the ball hoping a little bit don'ts in a b2b, b2b back in the bow, like send it in a bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter bitter rid of banana.

Like I don't want this by papaya don't call this whole process a bit a bit, a bit a bit. This is dope. With the walk I'm walking, seminar, rapid impacts like that, but a recent copy that's in job. So you can see how that could work for literally any type of flow ever for trap for rap for a lot of even songwriting in general. Some of its going to be softer. I just Have a general tendency to be aggressive.

It's just kind of in my nature I rap angry is just something that I've always done. I enjoy it, I enjoy that style. But, you know, everybody has a different style. So if you have like laid back beats, and you want to find your flow, that's a great way to write rap hooks. And that's how I always recommend to write rap hooks, which we're going to talk about a little bit further and in writing actual rap lyrics as well. And if you can translate your rap lyrics into that type of flow, it's gonna be insane, especially if you can freestyle like that as well.

That'll be crazy. So that hopefully this video helps. It's one of my favorite things to share. So let me know how this works for you. And even, you know, send some videos of you spinning that jibberish man, I love the jibberish flow, so send him in Edison rainmakers peace out guys

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