Multi Syllable introduction and 2 Syllable Rhyme schemes

7 minutes
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Okay, so we're gonna move into my favorite subject of all time, which is multi syllable master class mayhem. This is Edison and Ryan makers, and I'm going to show you guys how to start off with two syllable rhymes. But first we're going to talk about why multi syllables are important and what a multi syllable rhyme is. So if you were coming from the previous section, you saw that we were rhyming cat and hat and bat together or back and latch and crap. Those are all one syllable words. Now, when we add another syllable into the word, then there's going to be more options and that's what a multi syllable rhyme is.

So for example, one of my favorite rappers of all time is shad Kay and I get down some rhyme analysis here so the suckers in frauds with soft stamina trouble me duck a roll damage on camera republicans when other these subtleties Brother, please. Um, the biggest thing edit Canada since Pamela's double D's. So what you can see is that stamp in a troubled me camera Republic Li Canada, Pamela's double D's. So the stamina damage of Canada or Canada, Pamela, all are the same bribe scheme but also the troubled me publicly under the subtleties, brother please double D's all this a rhyme scheme as well. That is what the essence of multi syllable rhymes and that's what m&m does so well and why he actually blew up to be I mean, obviously there's more reasons as well. These are just some of the rappers that use multi syllable rhymes.

Some of the best rappers of all time. Even some of the new guys like Earl Sweatshirt on chance, j cole, Kendrick all those guys they all use multi syllable rhymes logic Tec nine MF DOOM to live equally, most def rockin big l all these guys Use multi syllable rhyme schemes and it's just, I mean it's one of those things that creates it separates the good rappers from the best and top tier rappers and it's probably my favorite thing to do in rap. So let's get into the two syllable rhyme schemes. There are two different types of two syllable rhyme schemes. Okay? There's a one word option, like for example, rapper, okay, that's two syllables.

Rap per, that's a two syllable word. Okay, so rapper, whacker ladder mastered Thrasher. Those all rhyme with rapper Okay, that's a two syllable rhyme scheme. The app portion is the stressed syllable of the word Okay, so there's two syllables in the word rapper. One of them is a stressed syllable, and the other syllable is an unstressed syllable. So you can see here the ass ound is the rapper sound You wouldn't say, rubber, right?

It doesn't make any sense. So in the English language, we're defined by the difference in the stress syllable and the unstressed syllable. So when you have the rapper, it's important to notice where the actual stress is on the word. So the stress on this word is rapper, or if I was to find the stress on said another word, like, for example, doper, I mean, doping, whereas the stress syllable on doping, it's the dope sound. So doping, doping, that's what creates rhythm in the English language as we talked about before, but I think that's important to understand. The second type of two syllable rhyme scheme is a compound word, which means that both of those words are stressed syllables.

So laptop, that's, uh, they're both stressed, okay, which is cool because then you can start getting into two syllables. rhymes that are both stressed. So laptop and snapshot and half cocked, and backdrop all have full rhymes together. So I'm going to talk about how that actually works and how you can actually rhyme those two full stress syllables together. So you break it down into into different pieces. Okay, so there are two stressed syllables in this word at an Ah, okay, so laughs top lap top, if you were to take away all the consonants, it would just be at all right, that's the essence of the sound, it would be at an all that's what it would be.

Now, you can literally keep those two sounds together and then manipulate and move all of the consonants around them to create different words that completely rhyme both of those syllables together. So snap shot, right slap shot, laptop, crackpot, right so what you're going to do is and a great way to actually go through the exercises Building and finding different two syllable rhymes is to chunk it and separate it into two pieces. Okay? So take, if you want it to rhyme laptop, you would find a bunch of different slants Rhymes For lap first, okay, so you would just go through and write down as many as you can think of. So slap hat, batch, batch, whatever, you go all the way through, and then you go through and you write all of the different options for top, and you would get shot that last mock loss, whatever, okay?

And then what you do is you start to piece them together to find words that actually make sense, right? So you can just say, you know, grab cough, it doesn't make any sense. So it has to be relevant. But so that's what you're searching for. You're searching for something like snapshot and laptop, those are actual words that rhyme perfectly together. Okay.

So if we were to, you know, go through and find that find that structure. We would, that's all you would do to find those different rhymes. Another example of that would be, so it say it was dope raps, right? We would be trying to find a bunch of things for dope and a bunch of things for raps. But also, there are words that will be just one word that also has to stress syllables like Kodak. Right so Kodak, and like Kodak moments, so Kodak, and dope rap and smoke, crack and Brokeback are all perfect rhymes together.

Now I'm sorry, not perfect, but they all rhyme together in a slant fashion. And that's all that two syllable rhyme schemes are. So you have those two options you got the stress syllable and the unstressed syllable, like rapper, or you got the two stress syllables like laptop, and that that's it. So another option for a two syllable rhyme. That's a stress and an unstressed is forming So I'm forming a rhyme. So foreman, so warning torin morning.

So stuff like that you can see that there's a stress then the unstressed. So hopefully this helps you out a ton. And like I said, this is one of my favorite things to do. So I want you to do the exercise in the next drill and I want you to write some of your own dope as two syllable rhymes to give you and start building your own rhyme dictionary. Alright, Edison, Brian makers peace.

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