Google Hack To Find Multi syllable Rhymes

6 minutes
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Yo, what's up everybody edits in rhyme makers. This is going to be my Google hack for finding more unique multi syllable rhyme schemes via Google free search tool. Super cool idea. develop this when I was coming up with new unique rhymes for battle raps that I was doing in kayo, TD and King of This is a really cool option. I'm going to show you how it works.

So I'm going to start with the two syllable options. So say for example, we wanted to find rhymes for Xbox. Okay, what you would do is, so Xbox is a two syllable rhyme, you're going to start with the end syllable. So box, you're going to think of a rhyme for box and type it in there. So we're going to say let's say, rocks, for example. Right?

So you're going to type in rocks, and then you're going to put a space and then you're going to tab that tab over just arrow over to the first part of it. But we already see a rhyme there available. So Red Rock Xbox, Red Rocks. So you write that one down. And then you just keep going from there. But you're going to use the alphabet soup method.

So this is where you start off with a, b, so you type in B. And what it's going to do is it's going to bring up relevant options for you that are always typed into Google that auto suggest, and then you're going to go to see nothing there that has that s sound. So x is what we're looking for. So we already got red rocks, which I think is actually going to be the best one available. But you're just going to go through and then type in and you can even go f r E or F, E or G, and then you can type in the next one. But you start to get some weird options at that point.

So I like going with just type the first letter and then go through and see what's relevant on there, and see if you can find something cool. I think that red rocks is probably the best option for wedding rocks. So we're gonna go and see if we can find a different rhyme for that one now. So let's say shots. So x box, we're going to go B, and we're going to see best jello shots. It doesn't really work.

See nothing there. D nothing there either. ie. Not really. F. Nope. Ah and type in the next letter, bam, there you go headshots, x box headshots.

And that's actually super relevant. So we got red rocks, Xbox and headshots so far. So that's super cool. Now, on the other side of this, we can also start with the first part of the word, right, so x, so say, We want it to rhyme with x, we would put in, so let's say next, right? So we're going to go next, but then we're going to type a space and then we're going to go do the same thing all over again. We're going Type in B.

So next bond Not quite, and we're looking for that ox sound. So we can even do things like this. Like, if we know kind of how that works. We can go d r o next drop. Not really an option there. Next, F. Next, nope.

Next gats. That's stupid. m h, i, j, k. l am. No, nothing really there. So let's say checks. We can go with that one.

We can keep checking around and see what we can find on these guys. It's a really cool way to do it. Again, I like starting with the end of the word first. It's probably my favorite way to do it. It let's see what else Rams with box locks. See if we got anything for locks.

The best locks, you got the best locks man. I have no locks. Oh dreadlocks. So I got Xbox, headshots, Red Rocks, dreadlocks, all sounds really cool together. Again, this is just going to be a quick little video, I'm going to show you another option for multi syllable lines. So say we wanted to do.

Let's see if we can come up with a longer rhyme. Let's see what we got here off the top of the head. Let's see. So let's try to rhyme with action taken. See if we can find something for that three syllable option here. So you want to find a rhyme for taking, let's say bacon.

So we Do that we go to the start here. And we look for options that'll actually rhyme with action taken and we want bacon right so if we put in that first letter we can even because we know it's going to be an ass and we go be a right and think back bacon, calm calories, calories and bacon, candied bacon. action taken with candy bacon. It's kind of not really that good. I don't like that one as much. e f. Francis Bacon, the fat fat and bacon.

There we go. Boom, fat in bacon. So you've typed in the next vowel. That's because you know it's going to be an ass sound, right? So you go f A, and then see what's an option there. So I really like fat and bacon.

I think that's kind of cool for action taken. And then also what you can do is you can do the first part of the word as well. So you go to the start, and you type in a rhyme action. So let's say passion, and then put a space. And then you're going to go through and go B. And then even a for example, passion based in I got my passion baked in A, D, a, kind of some cool options for that as well.

So I think you get the point. I don't want to over do this video, but it's just another extra Google hack that you can use to find multi syllable rhymes. So let me know if that actually works for you in the comments. Addison Ryan makers rainmakers peace.

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