Couplets, 4-bar Theory & Quatrains

2 minutes
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Sweet Edison rainmakers back for another one. We're going to talk about couplets for bar theory and quatrains and some complicated names, stupid names, but we'll get to the easy explanation of what they are. So couplets are two bars that share the same rhyme scheme. That's what it is in poetry. That's what it is in rap as well. Okay, so an example of a couplet would be two bars together that share the same rhyme scheme so not making tracks for the fashion industry's most raps on the backs of my napkins and receipts.

So me not making tracks for the fashion industry's most wraps around the backs of my napkins and receipts, that's two bars counted out. And that's what a couplet is, as long as they share the same rhyme scheme. Super simple, but all of rap is based around the premise that you have 248 bar sequences in order to get your points across. quatrains are four bars that share the same rhyme scheme. So for example, not making tracks with the fastest industries most wraps around the backs of my napkins and receipts I put passion into beats establishing a piece because for me, it's even scenery will travel in the streets. That's four bars of a section that's called a quatrain.

All sharing the same rhyme scheme. And as you can see, I got some Maltese in there. I even forgot to add in the fact that this is a multi in there as well, but passion into beats establishing a piece, and that is where that one goes. Now we're going to talk about four bar theory real quick. But the, the idea is, is that four bars generally gets across your main idea, okay, and if verses are pretty much 16 bars, you can have four sets of four bars to get across four different ideas. And then bam, you have a full 16 bar verse.

Okay. Also, choruses are made out of essentially four bars or two bars repeated over and over again. So four bar theory is almost like science or math when you look at hip hop. That's just how it starts. structured, a lot of people will change it up and do two bar rhyme scheme. So a couplet and then a quatrain, and then a couplet and then mix it up that way, or do eight bars of the same rhyme scheme, or even 16 bars of the same rhyme scheme, which we've seen before as well.

And you can change it up that way. Now, the idea is that if you change up your rhyme scheme, every four bars at least, then it's going to sound, you're going to change up the sound of the pattern, right? Because if you keep the same acid, it's the whole time for 16 bars, it can get quite boring to listen to. So if you change up the type of flow, and by changing up the rhyme scheme, you're always going to change up the flow, then that's going to create a little bit more contrast in depth of your tracks. That's essentially what this is, hopefully, that it was a quick understanding. But that's how you can structure your bars to make them you know on the professional level edits in rainmakers.

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