5,6,7 syllable rhymeschemes

3 minutes
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Yes, so it's time to get into the five, six and seven syllable rhyme schemes as we get going here. This is just how you craft them. I'm going to show you a cool example that you guys can use to try to craft your own as well. But I'm really excited to kind of show you how this breaks down. And the first example we're going to start off with is going to be a six syllable rhyme scheme, which is paleontologist. I got a bone to pick like a paleontologist.

So say we want it to rhyme that word. It's six syllables long and we want to rhyme the whole entire word, right? So from Paley and all the way to tala gist. So there's a couple things we need to do. So let's break it down into syllables. There are two stress syllables in paleontologist and there's four unstressed syllables.

So paleo and tala, just, that's how it breaks down. So the the key thing is to understand where the stress syllables are, so a and all and then so we need to make sure that that's tight, but then Also at the end of the rhyme needs to be tight as well. So what you can do is you can actually break it down into two sections. If it makes it easier for you, you can break it down into more sections as well to try to get more in different types of rhymes. But I find that this is one of the easiest ways to craft them. So I like to show this example because this is how I do it all the time.

Anyways, so let's take a look at a couple of the different options. So if you broke it down into two sections and created ROMs for each what you could do is you could break it into Balian and colleges so for Paleocene you got stuff like failing an alien Australian Canadian Nathan a major in AD and baby radii and stadium catering cradling and then Tyler just who got college just politics hydrolysis. Maybe I draw this is novelists monogamous cottages abolish this column is follow this demolish it stuff like that. Right? So if you were to do that, I mean, you could go to Ron zone and find those rhymes as well but you break it down into two different sections and then what you're trying to do is you're trying to find Relevant rhyme schemes that makes sense the things that you would say in everyday language, like paleontologists is more boring than Canadian politics, failing in colleges and maybe maybe monogamous I got a baby hippopotamus for daily accomplishments, something like that.

Right. So I think that's kind of cool way to understand how six syllable rhyme schemes work. And I mean, honestly breaking it down in that fashion is going to be, you know, super sick for you to understand and how to learn. But another thing that I want to kind of throw in there as well is that the syllable counts matter, right? So sometimes as you're getting more advanced, so you heard me say, baby hippopotamus, you can hear there's one extra syllable in there. That's seven syllables.

So paleontologist, baby hippopotamus, that's one extra syllable in there, but what some people do and what I do a lot is actually add an extra syllable in or remove a syllable just to add a little bit more content. To the flow, as well as the rhyme scheme. So say for example, I was to say, instead of daily accomplishments, I would say daily columnist, paleontologists daily columnist and maybe monogamous I would throw it in there first. And then at the end of the rhyme, I would come back to the actual six syllables. Hopefully that helps you out. And it didn't go over your head at this point.

But that's kind of where we're at and getting to in this advanced type structure. So as you get to this point, you can actually even rhyme 15 syllable rhymes at some point, right? Like supercalifragilistic expialidocious, who would have to battle this because that he has the focus, stuff like that you can literally rhyme everything. It gets really repetitive if you do so you got to fine tune yourself to stop with that. But it's still fun to create some of these multi syllable rhyme schemes, and it's what made me fall in love with hip hop to begin with. So hopefully this helps you out.

Peace out, guys.

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