How To Freestyle Rap Step 3

5 minutes
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Okay, so now that we have that established, we're going to move into step number three. Hopefully it wasn't too bad for you when you did step number two, but step number three is going to help you with tons. This is the rhyme helper method. And this is what's going to come and help you to actually kick some freestyles and get your rhythm and flow in, which is really nice. So the next step is going to be I'm gonna have the verb everybody go to rhyme zone calm. This is my favorite one, just go here.

So www dot run zone calm. This is what it's gonna look like. Okay, this is how Rimes zone looks. And then I'm going to get you to go into the word I'm going to get you to type in any word, okay? one syllable, two syllable doesn't matter. But just know where the stress is.

So let's type in rapper as an option. Okay, so when you type in rapper, you'll see that you put it in here, I'm going to get you to go to The little filter option here and you're going to go to find a near rhymes as my cat in auction over behind me, but you're going to find near rhymes and then you're going to go to search. We're just does it automatically. And what it's gonna do is it's gonna come up with a bunch of, kind of off Rives like close rhymes, and then what you're gonna do is gonna throw on a beat, any beat of your choice. You know, I'm gonna put on something that's copyright free so we don't get in trouble for commercial licenses and stuff. And I'll show you where you can find those beats as well soon in the in the other sections going forward.

But this is one of my favorite methods to use. So you're going to pick up and you're what you're going to do is you're going to use this list that's right here and use this list and you're going to find the beat 1-231-231-2341 to the to the to the three to the after wrap into please be everybody read. Look at call me back. I'm just looking for the chapter. Maybe I'm a clapper. Maybe I'm a cracker.

Maybe I might hip hop chill as jabber. And maybe I'm the Mad Hatter. Call me the Green Bay Packers, Toronto Raptors chillin with the slackers living in the red shirt. Yo, I got a smattering swagger when people try to see me but they brains get splattered. Oh, Yo, I'm smoking on that shadow. Looking for the daggers baby is the lacquer and maybe I'll be running faster with de facto random flatter with the dagger in the gadget said grab or yo the hacker go lifetime hacker.

Rams batter you are right ROM is like a master call me on the platter. Maybe you could see me in the GPS on the tracker. Yeah, he'll the silver board. It's people want to act like they were more reporting, maybe I'm performing and performing in neurons can't stop, let them look and how to organize my time and just do that. Put in a different word and keep going from there. It's just really dope way to practice.

Feel where the rides need to go. And remember, it's 1-312-312-3123 you want to make sure that the stress syllable part of the word so rapper is the first part of the syllable right. Back, back, right laughter Campbell All right, so I think you get the point. I think that will help you immensely with freestyle rapping so hopefully you kind of get that in between now you can throw a little bit of jibberish in between like by the actors defend that but debit defend a backer by the father rats a debit to debit cash. He found a best tip and don't get mad, baby is the Packers bah bah bah bah bad, baby. Yeah, becoming a bonus man.

Y'all want to see me and get into Green Man trying to keep on smoking on that shadow brain scan. And then try to work with your own rhythm right? Whenever you like whenever kind of gets a really sick way to do it. Let me know if this helped you. Hopefully you are freestyle rapping right now I want to see videos and stuff like that. So please let me know maybe even take like a before and after.

Have you know freestyle and before then freestyle and after and I guarantee you If you practice just a little bit every single day, you will 100% be better at freestyle rapping or be able to freestyle rap when you couldn't before. All right, it's one of the best foundations of hip hop. And it's one of my favorite things to do to kill stress and just chill. I love rapping. I've loved it since I was 16 years old. This is Edison at rhyme makers.

Call me the word nerd. Alright, peace out, everybody.

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