Poetic Meter And What It Can Teach You About Rap

How to Rap: Masterclass by Rhyme Makers Rap Flow Breakdown Step-By-Step
6 minutes
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Yo, what's up everybody edits in Ryan, makers, let's get into poetic meter and what it can teach you about flow. It's really cool concepts in here. It's not something that you really need to know 100% but understanding this will make you a better rapper 100% I don't care what anybody says. But poetic meter is rhythm in words. That's what poetic meter is. Okay.

So if you understand rhythm in words, then you can apply it over a beat as well and change up your flow. I'm also going to show you how Migos uses one specific type of poetic meter to have that triplet flow. That's where that comes from. It's a certain type of poetic meter, and I'm going to show you guys that in that video as well. So poetic meter is the combination of stressed and unstressed syllables. That's all poetic meter is different combinations of stressed and unstressed syllables.

So you're finding that stressed and unstressed syllables are super important to us. Understand, but I'm gonna try to explain this to you in as simple as possible, because a lot of the words and the choices of terms they coined for poetic meter are just dumb and really complicated. And they make it sound silly. But really, all you need to know for hip hop and how to apply to rap is there are five different types of poetic meter available. And I am big pentameter, is, I'm sure you've heard of it before, but it's a type of poetic meter. And it's one that Shakespeare used a lot you can take I am big pentameter, written out in all of different types of Shakespeare's works, and put it over a hip hoppy, and it will always flow.

That's an interesting thing to know. Because that essentially, I mean, you don't want to have the same flow all the time, obviously, but you can understand how raps are supposed to be written and how to be on flow from the type of I am big pentameter Different types of poetic meter. So here's an example of one type of poetic meter. I am Bic is so there's to be to break this down specifically. I am Bic is stressed syllable or unstressed syllable and then stress syllable. unstressed syllable than stressed syllable.

I am big is that combination, unstressed syllable unstressed syllable. So the beat, that is what I am big means pentameter is how many times that repeats in one line. So, the beat is dope. Andrea, Lisa thing great. That happens five times. So the beat is one is dope is two and three is three.

Lisa M is four thing great is five. That's what I am big pentameter is all you need to know, is the ambit portion of it. They'll be that's the main thing done Understand, the next type is tro chaotic, okay. This is where the stress comes first and then the unstressed syllable. So for example, walking under bridges nightly, okay, it's always stressed and then an unstressed and then a stress and then an unstressed and then a stress and then an unstressed it's always that right? So tro cake is walking under bridges nightly it's always that combination of the two syllables a stressed than an unstressed syllable, so I am Bic is an unstressed and then a stressed and then tro cake is a stressed and then unstressed.

So if you were to be like about that's I am big if you were to say, doper, that's true cake. And that's all that means. Okay? How this works for rap I'm going to show you in a second, but as we get into the other ones, you can see how so this one's the next one and I hate these names, but that's what they're called. This one's called spawn day IQ. So this one is a stressed and then And another stressed Okay, so hold back a lot of compound words like dope raps, or, you know, stuff like that or compound words, I'm trying to think of another compound words, but they're too stressed syllables back to back, okay?

And that's kind of how that functions. So hold back is an option of that. So now we're looking at meter with three syllables, those were all with two syllables. And now this one's called anaplastic, which is such a stupid name as well. But what anaplastic is, is an unstressed than an unstressed and then a stressed syllable. So an option and an example of that is and the style of my voice and a beat and the style of my voice and a beat and a salad, my voice in a beat.

The combination of that continuously is called anaplastic. Okay, and then you're going to see the deck Tillich. This is the Migos flow, it's a stressed and then an unstressed and then an unstressed syllable. I'm so bothered about it about it. That's what it is right? doper, then everything, everything that want to get down into Canada, I run into pen and attended to identity, identity identity.

That's Dec Tillich flow, right. That's where that comes from. That's how you explain the Migos flow in triplets. And the combination of these different types of poetic meter is how you actually form flow on top of a beat. Now, why I don't think that poetic meter actually matters that much is because in the English language, there is already a poetic meter attached to it. But what you need to understand is that the stressed and unstressed syllables is what creates rhythm.

So different combinations of stressed and unstressed will create different types of flow. And as you find your beat, you can actually attach these types of different rhythms to that beat. For example, if you had a beat that was like Like, you know, and you were like buy the dip, buh buh buh Duh Buh Duh Buh bah bah dah dah dah dah dah, dah dah but the battered battered Aparna. Or, you know, it's like Budda Budda Budda Budda Budda Budda, but that's how you get different types of flow in different types of rhythm overtop of the beat. I'm going to show you a little bit better examples, but understanding this is really, really cool again, so let me know if this helped you out. It goes way more in depth than this, but I think for hip hop and rap, this is what's most important to understand.

So thank you guys, check out the next video on flow edits in Ryan, makers peace out

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