How Many Bars Make A Song

How to Rap: Masterclass by Rhyme Makers Beats, Bars And Rap Structure Explained
3 minutes
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Okay, so how many bars actually make a song, there's a couple structures. But the thing is that I want to preface this with is that there's actually no formula for making a song, you can make it however you want to make it, don't, you know, follow all the laws and things like that, that people try to implement on you because you're just going to restrict your creativity. Sometimes it's good to do that. Because, you know, they say restrictions create creativity, you know, within a space, but I don't want you to, you know, define yourself by this, but this is what a lot of the popular songs do and a lot of hip hop songs have this kind of structure, feel free to mix and match. I just want to show you how it normally looks in hip hop songs today. But with the emergence of trap rap, it's actually changing quite a bit which I actually appreciate.

You know, hooks are going on for 16 bars, stuff like that. But this is a general layout. And this is how, you know a lot of rap songs, look, you know, you got your intro and a lot of beats. So when you open up instrumentals, they're gonna follow this sort of structure. Okay, you can interchange the chorus and the verse, and depending on how long the song is, that's how it's gonna go. So you got your intro, which usually lasts about four to eight bars.

So 123412 341-234-1234 boom, and then it moves right into the verse portion, or sometimes it'll go right into chorus. You can make it however you want to, but if you find that it's a section with a melody that lasts for 16 bars long, then you know, generally that's going to be your verse, right? You can make it whatever you want, but I'm just trying to show you how it actually works and how the the beatmaker structure so then when you get into your verse, the last 16 bars usually verses are 16 bars or they all have the the bars are Kind of multiples of four. Okay, so you got four beats for your intro. Sometimes a bridge is two bars, sorry, not beats, you get your verse as 16 bars usually, okay, sometimes they'll last eight bars, choruses will go, sometimes they'll go for bars and then repeat again for another four bars, or it'll be just one eight bar chorus, and then back into the verse for 16 bars.

Just know that you're not you shouldn't be putting in like 12 bars for bars unless you have a reason to do that. Obviously, like I said, before, you can do whatever you want, but the structure is there for a reason. You know, try to chill with it for a bit you have like outros which will last four to eight bars, and sometimes a bridge, which is a bridge is something that goes it's usually about two to four bars, and it changes all the time, but it goes between the verse and the chorus. It's a way to bridge the verse to the chorus and sometimes report repeated so like Aesop Rock was fumble at a bed and stumbled to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition, yawn and stretch in my life is a mess and did a did a doo doo god bless him, and that was the bridge into the chorus and then it goes into the course and then it goes into his verse.

So there's lots of different ways to structure it but I wanted to give you the base of what it looks like Usually, this is what it is where

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