RapScript Exercise + Freestyle Sesh

3 minutes
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Yo what up Edison at ry makers just here to show you guys that I can actually freestyle. But also to show you guys a really cool exercise from a website called rap script. What it does, it just throws up a bunch of random words in a certain period of time. So if you look at the bottom of the app, it'll show the word speed. So you can change it from two to 12 seconds, and then adjust it from there really helps with freestyling and just not having to struggle to come up with words. And it really helps you learn as you go.

Yeah, this is a career in the making. Looking for pianists I'm not believing this. I got inquiries. Y'all can even fire me. Maybe it's the pasture. Maybe another rapper that I've read sure I got phonology.

I'm looking for the comedy and fricatives and closest looking how have I listened? It's explosive. Call me that passenger seat when that'd be rapping to beat say Yo, I'm laughing when I sit back in the street. Like I got strategies and all the examples of my freeze. I'm looking to appeal ate another meal. Awareness is something that you can feel somewhat spill away emotion like the oil fields yes I'm thinking real like quality believing that you can even follow me the edge and looking for another lesson to some Follow me.

Yo, I got some silver and you can't run with silver, but maybe I can try to put an Instagram filter contour yes you want more with that Bongo Yes, I'm on flow call me john doe with a combo. Why? I got that long nose kind of looks like a long No, I can't stop drinking. And Yo I'm on the microphone. I might be white as bone I'm looking for the demolition, but I can't help it because your pen was missing. You gotta write around these devices in the television.

Yes, that's an extra Rob can't stop selling fiction called the Mel Gibson with the Passion of the Christ. I'm like a locomotive. Oh, I know that. A Yo I'm chromosome and it's like a mobile home kid. You just want sigh you can't stop Fryman I ignore you calling this embankment. y'all gotta build around the flooding.

I'm looking just to waterboard your family for loving I'm budget not even budget what I'm hearing. I gotta hear Hearing Aid and I can't stop this lyric lemonade. I got enlightenment. Call me the Buddhist monk. Yo, I'm just got a stupid tongue when I'm using all this music son. I got that cussedness pentathlon can't stop a budget and I'm loving this rap on the same beat.

You got concrete on your feet so you just walk around the pyramids and looking forward to lyricist it's just uncertainty. You can learn from me first for me before you went to third degree walk around your neighborhood and make it good. I'm just the plantation landscaping stand a man escaping gold medalists call them the Michael Phelps I got the right and I'd be leaving your life in self like I'm just aware. Well, maybe I'm in the era maybe looking for people because they acted like they scarier failure. Maybe I'd be looking for Jenna tail. Yeah, Iggy Azalea with Biggie and NAS like Nicki Minaj flipping them off.

I got that vehicle on the outskirts. It's like a Honda Civic. Yo I wander in it never stopped the limits when I got it like I'm not a Grinch kid. I got that for front. You got that storefront. I got like your One plumage I can't stop doing this because I'll be Robin for like two gods.

Edison Brian makers peace

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