How to count bars & How to find the beat

How to Rap: Masterclass by Rhyme Makers Beats, Bars And Rap Structure Explained
4 minutes
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Alright, so now we're gonna identify how to count bars and how to find the beat. So rap beats are made of drums. The two main drum sounds to know are kicks and snares, and in hip hop drum sounds fall on each beat. So kicks are softer, quieter and lower pitch drums that land on the one and three beats in hip hop almost always, and kick sound like it snares are sharper, louder and higher pitched. Think of like a clap sound style of drum, they usually fall on the two and the four B and they're more of a. So you got the I'm not the best beat boxer, but I think you get the point.

So when you're looking at dissecting hip hop, each bar will always have those four beats, and almost always contain a kick, snare kick, snare combination. Now obviously you can manipulate that as you go, but that's the fundamentals of what the hip hop sound does. And if you change that too much, then it's actually not going to be hip hop anymore. It's going to be, you know, trap rap or jazz or something else like that. That's why this is hip hop. And that's the universal sound throughout hip hop to make that sound.

And that's the basic structure of almost all rap music. Obviously, there's variations, but when you count out 1234, it would be kick, snare, kick, snare, and we're going to go over some beats to get an idea of what it sounds like. So I'm going to play just some random beats and we're going to pick up on the kicks and snares and you can kind of follow along and hear how it changes based on how fast the beats per minute are. So right, kick, snare, kick, snare, stair, stair kick, snare kick, snare zone. One, two. Three pull 1234 kick, snare, three, snare 1234.

And it's the same rhythm throughout. So if we were to pick out a different beat, the stupid be more of a chill beat 2341231234121331 I'm just gonna play this one you can try to identify it as it's coming on. So I'm just gonna let this one play kick, snare, snare, even if the snare is missing, it doesn't really matter cuz you still put the kick in and even if the kick is missing, get the snare where it fits in. Right actually hate this beak. So hopefully you did okay on that one. So even just the timing itself 12341234 this one is more of a trappy beat so you can kind of hear it here.

How the changes is happening. So you hear the snare on the three beats. 12341234 so this B is more of a trappy style and they put on the snare on the third beat. Which is interesting just to see because 95% of hip hop is actually for four time signature. So it's going to be kick, snare kick, snare kick to the snare to the kick to the snare, one to the two to the three to the four habits of Athena to beat a beat. If the bow wrap into dope to be too bad at the dough, they kick to the snare kick to the snare wrap into beat dubstep to bat bear.

See how the flows in the stress syllables hit overtop of the flow in order to make that sound. Oh. So I think you've got to get the point of what we're doing. But this is the basis of all hip hop structure. So cool.

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