4 Steps For a Deeper Sounding Rap Voice

How to Rap: Masterclass by Rhyme Makers So, You Hate Your Rap Voice?
7 minutes
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Yes, hello Edison rainmakers, really excited to talk to you guys about one of my favorite things ever. As I dropped my larynx down for a deeper voice here, four steps for a deeper sounding rap voice. I've always had a really high pitched voice just in general since I was younger, just something I was born with with the vocal cords, and actually kind of an annoying voice because I was never getting enough breath. And it's something that I've struggled with for my entire life. I've always hated the way that my voice sounds on tracks. And it's really kept me from putting out music because I didn't like listening to my own music, which is incredibly frustrating because you really think you write some super dope lyrics and really cool multi syllable rhymes.

You got some awesome flows, but your voice just sounds so shitty. Like I'm I'm a complete nerd obviously. So I'd studied this stuff to see if I could try to improve it and I have and I want to show you some of the tips and where I got them from mostly As I'm gonna move my face off of here, but this is Roger love, he was m&ms vocal coach, Tony Robbins vocal coach as well. So definitely somebody to listen to for sure. He talks about speaking and singing as well. And I've definitely read some of his books and taken his audio courses and done all of his vocal warm ups.

And it's helped me immensely. I want to give you a couple key takeaways from some of the books and audio stuff that he's put out that I think actually applies to rap voice. And this is the four steps to actually make your voice a little bit deeper and sound a little bit more resonant to true true to yourself right. Now, I want to preface this by saying sometimes when you do this technique, it's going to sound like this. You don't want to you don't want to sound like this. That's gonna sound shitty.

You don't want to drop it down too much so that you're always talking at that lower level. But the more You practice this, the more your larynx will naturally drop. Okay, I used to have a very, very high pitched voice. I still do, but I've worked on it quite a bit. And it's come down quite a lot over the last couple of years, which is exciting for me. So if you want to, so this is what I did.

So step one, place your fingers on your Adam's apple, which is going to be right here. Some people it'll be a little lower. Some people, it'll be a little higher. But this is the general look of your Adam's apple. You can see mine's quite high compared to this gentleman right here. But yeah, going from your, I mean, if you just move your finger back from your chin, I got a beard hair, but you can actually find your Adam's apple.

It's just that point sticking out. If you're a female, it's going to be a little bit more difficult for you to find your larynx but just know that it's usually in this place right here behind your Adam's apple. That's where your larynx is, okay. So if you're a woman or a female or a girl, then you're Going to find it back there. Okay, it'll be a little bit tougher for you to find, but you can still find the general area of your larynx. Now what you're going to do is you're going to drop the back of your tongue as far down as it can go, okay?

Like. So the best way that I can describe this is if you do a fake yawn, so do a fake yawn. With your hands still on your throat. You see my Adam's apple dropping they're also behind the Adam's apple is the larynx. And that's what controls the depth and the deepness of your voice, okay, as well as the vocal cords and a bunch of other stuff as well. But this is something that you can actually manipulate.

Which is nice because a lot of the other stuff you're just kind of born with and it's genetics. So this is something that you can change. And Morgan Freeman talks a lot about this, about yawning if you want to really deep voice you just young All the time and talk almost as if you're yawning and it drops that Adam's apple down. But when it drops the Adam's apple down, it also drops the larynx down. So when I drop the larynx down, you'll notice that it's a little bit of a crisper deeper voice. And you need to make sure that you have enough air when you're speaking, you can already see that it sounds a little bit better.

So that's step number two, drop your tongue to the back of your, to the bottom of your, the bottom part of your mouth as far as it can go. And you'll notice that you feel that go this way. You can feel it moving my beard is in the way. And now when you speak, you'll see a rise back up. And then when you drop it back down, it goes back down. So definitely practice with that.

Now what you're going to do is you're going to practice rapping with the larynx in this lower position as you drop your tongue down. You're going to practice rapping with your larynx in that lower position, you're going to feel it naturally want to come back up and shoot back up into your actual, like higher throat into your mouth almost, if it's hitting higher than this point up here. Like for example, if I'm talking like this, it's really high up in my throat. And that's kind of what it sounds like. But if I drop it down, and then I drop it down even further, it sounds a little bit better. Okay, you don't want to go too far so that you sound like, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, I don't want to know what I'm talking to you.

That doesn't sound very good, right? You got to find that medium ground and find that natural position. But as you work on this, you can drop it down over time, it will have muscle memory, your throat will remember where that larynx wants to be. It's going to take a lot of time because you're counteracting years and years of talking in that high pitched voice. So I just want to explain that to you. And hopefully that helps you out because it helped me out a fucking ton.

Now Keep practicing and consistent short spurts. One thing that I want to tell you about is that you got to be very cautious of your vocal cords and the actual you know the health of them, right. So I want to preface this whole thing by saying make sure you drink a lot of water while you're doing this. Don't do it all the time or else you're going to burn your vocal cords out and it's going to really hurt your throat a lot. Okay, so be very cautious, be very healthy. Drink some tea and honey, stuff like that.

Just take care of your vocal cords and your throat. Make sure your belly breathing which we will get into actually in the next step, which we haven't covered yet. But that will be important as well. And I think this will really help you out. It's helped me out a ton in my rapping experience and just enjoying my own voice. When listening to myself talk.

I would have never been able to record any of these videos probably two years ago, because I hated the way my voice sounded. It was constant feedback I got on YouTube. In all of my battle rap, so I've done like 16 battle raps with ko TD in front of thousands of people. And a lot of my first videos in the comments, people were saying, oh god, he's dope. He's got really good lyrics, but his voice is so annoying. And it's a huge part of hip hop.

I had no breath control. I had no, you know, my voice was super high pitched all the time. So this should help you out for sure. Let me know if this does help you out. And again, be careful with the health of your vocal cords. I want I don't want to be responsible for somebody really burning out their vocal cords.

So I think this is super important to understand the health of it as well. But just give this a try in short spurts, and let me know if this has helped you out. And it's in rainmakers peace out guys and girls

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