Breath Control and Belly Breathing

How to Rap: Masterclass by Rhyme Makers So, You Hate Your Rap Voice?
6 minutes
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Yo, what's up everybody and it's in at Ryan makers here, we're going to go over the breath control for rapping type section here. This is probably one of the most important sections. So if you really hate your voice, and you hate the way that it sounds overtop of a beat, or when you play your tracks that you record and you listen to yourself and you just cringe, this will definitely help you out for sure. So we're gonna get right into it. No waste of time here. So, the huge thing for breath control in rap is belly breathing, and that's breathing with your diaphragm.

A lot of people will breathe from their chest or their face or their neck almost, and they don't get a very deep breath. Wim Hof talks about this deep breathing technique and you can really get that feeling of a complete expanded breath when you use your diaphragm to breathe. This is the worst diagram for diaphragms. that I've ever seen, I think but it does really get across the point of how it actually works. Now, when you're breathing in, and you take a breath through your nose, and you breathe in through your belly, what actually happens is the diaphragm, this is the diaphragm piece right here. Okay?

And when you breathe in, it actually moves downwards towards your legs. Okay, and as you breathe back out and moves back upwards, and that's what pushes the air back out. If you can breathe using your diaphragm and controlling your diaphragm. You will always have more breath in your voice. And it will always sound deeper and fresher when you're speaking because you have more breath. That's what makes it sound better.

If you've ever listened to somebody talk at the end of their breath, which I've always had this problem and something that I'm trying to work on continuously to this day. That's why I've studied this so much, is it's it's called fried voice. So when you have no breath at the end of your voice, it sounds like this. And it's really annoying. And you breathe and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. And as you get to the end of your voice, it kind of sounds like you're just pushing out this voice that just has this weird fried edge, and it's just probably the most annoying thing you could ever hear from anybody.

And if you're rapping and you're doing that, then nobody's gonna want to listen to your voice at all. It's super important to understand this. And we're going to go through four steps just to properly get adjusted to the diaphragm nice and quickly. So step one is going to be placing your hand on your belly button. Okay, find where that is. And then step number two, you're going to take a deep breath in from your nose, and you're going to pretend that you were feeling a balloon in your stomach almost like you picture a Buddha belly.

So when you're breathing in from your from your nose, picture, just moving yourself I'll make you don't need to move your chest at all. Okay, if your chest is rising as you're breathing, then you're doing it wrong. See, my shoulders are moving there, so I'm not really doing it right, it's a little bit harder when you're sitting down. So if you're standing up, you really shouldn't put any strain on your chest and your shoulders shouldn't be rising up. Like, that's chest breathing. If you're breathing in your belly, you're breathing downwards downwards, you're pushing it down as you breathe in.

It's really cool option because when you breathe out, you have more breath in your voice, which actually gives it a clearer, more resonant sound. And when you breathe out a fluid exhale, you feel your stomach, come back up into normal position. Do this, you know 10 times over and over again, and feel the difference when you kick one of your verses. So if you have a verse ready to go try kicking it without doing this And then also, try doing it. Do it 10 times. For example, before you're about to wrap, and then kick your raps, you'll notice a massive difference in the sound of your voice.

And one of my favorite quotes from Morgan Freeman is if you want your voice to sound better, yawn a lot. This is a sweet tip. Because when you're yawning, you'll notice that when you go to do a yawn, first of all your Adam's apple drops or your larynx will drop, sorry, which will give you a deeper voice. So if you yawn, yo yo yo, yo, it gives you that deeper larynx voice. But also when you yawn, your belly breathing, it goes deep into your stomach and really expands your diaphragm. So really great tip from Morgan Freeman.

There's no way he started out with that deep of a voice or that's resonant and deep sounding voice. And another really cool exercise is called the slow leak. So I highly recommend you give this one a try. So take a huge breath from your nose. Fill up that balloon in your stomach like and then hiss out, do it for as long as you can and feel your stomach moving the whole time. So an example would be I can feel my stomach slowly rising back up as it's slowly letting air go, right?

If you've ever looked at a balloon, and if it's full of air when you're slowly letting the air out, it is a you know, it's all it sounds fine, right? But when there's right at the end of it, when there's almost no air, it'll start to have that farting sound that just isn't very attractive to listen to write. So the more air you have, the better sound you can produce. I think that really gets the point across And then this attached with projecting your voice as well as having that deeper larynx to your voice and being cautious of that as well obviously is going to be really important for your rap and it's going to make you sound 10 times better. Alright Edison rainmakers peace

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