What is Optimized Speed Reading?

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What Is Speed Reading?

Speed reading is a technique that consists in reading a text fully, word by word, at a speed higher than 500 words per minute (wpm). The usual reading speed is about 250 wpm. A trained reader can reach a speed of up to 500 wpm. We can break this barrier if we train by using purposefully designed techniques. We are able to provide you with an original training algorithm that has been developed based on scientific research and which can be specifically adapted to each user’s performance. Using fast reading optimize understanding, memorizing, and learning processes. Optimal reading starts at 900-1000 wpm. If you want to achieve this performance you can rely on SpeeRead – Your expert training system for optimized speed reading!

Speed reading is not a text scanning method. Scanning implies only going through the aspects of a text which are considered relevant, in an attempt to extract information essential for the reader. Speed reading happens when we go through the entire text we wish to read.

Speed reading is not a PhotoReading method. Photo reading means swiftly going through written material, by very quickly taking in the image of each page in its entirety, and then, applying a series of techniques meant to activate the information in our memory. Speed reading is done by processing written information at an accelerated pace as the experienced reader goes through the text.

The speed reading training is based on certain characteristics of the human brain and eyes, which can be optimized and taken advantage of by anybody who wishes this:

  • The path for processing the meaning of written information is different and dominant from the path for processing visual features.
  • When we read, our eyes move in a jerky manner over the text. The movement is not a fluid one, but rather one in jumps. They are the fastest muscles in the body.
  • We can widen our visual field and read several adjacent words each time our eyes focus on the text.
  • The speed reading training also involves the progressive deactivation of the movement of our vocal cords.
  • Our working memory is operating optimally at high speeds. Visual information is stored temporarily in a sensorial memory. All we have to do is to transfer it quickly into working memory.

The speed reading training algorithm that we promote is based on the five abovementioned characteristics. Its main purpose is to train the eye muscles to move at a higher speed and to be able to process the information in a smaller amount of time. The visual field will progressively become wider and the movement of the vocal cords is constantly slowed down. This way, anybody who wishes to read faster and understand the information they read better is a proper tool to reach this goal.

All you have to do is train.

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