Why Try SpeeRead?

SpeeRead What is Optimized Speed Reading?
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Why Try SpeeRead?

Speed reading allows you to read more.

Speed reading enables you to memorize more and better understand what you are reading.

Speed reading is a skill (ability) you will have forever once acquired.

You gain time to put into practice what you’ve read and learned through speed reading.

It’s easier to train by using our online algorithm than by using the traditional methods you can find in books because:

  • Intensive training, which is a basic condition for quickly achieving success, is easier to provide and manage;
  • Several options which make the training more familiar can be selected by the user (e.g. font type and size, text and background color);
  • The appropriate training level will be provided based on the user’s performance.

The training based on books is less effective because:

  • The exercises described are done only with the aid of a book and a stopwatch;
  • You have to do complicated calculations yourself;
  • A lot of time is wasted before actually seeing results.

Speed reading allows you to quickly assimilate new information that you may need at school or at work.

Speed reading can be seen as a differentiating asset when looking for a job. Many jobs nowadays have as the main requirement the ability to quickly learn and internalize new information.

Speed reading is by far more effective than skimming since it allows you to go through the entire text in a much shorter period of time than you normally would, and the conclusions you will draw from the text will be based on all the essential information you require.

Speed reading is more effective than PhotoReading because you will be reading and understanding the text after going through the text just once, without the need for all the effort to activate the information.

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