Comparative Christian Studies (Intro)

Learn various doctrines which have divided the faith since before the time of Christ.

Comparative Christian Studies (Intro)

Learn various doctrines which have divided the faith since before the time of Christ.
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About the Class

The history of both Christianity and Judaism will play a role in discovering how Christianity developed during the Roman empire to eventually grow to become the largest religion on the planet. We will learn about our own paradigms as well as those which have shaped the faith and we will compare the Greek/Roman way of thinking which shapes the western world system of today to the Hebraic way of thinking in order to better understand the text of the bible. We will compare specific doctrines of orthodox Christianity as we delve into Hermeneutics. We will look at the development of systematic theology and attempt to lay aside our own interpretations in order to better understand those on opposing sides. Each class will be hands-on where open dialogue will replace rigid rules of set doctrinal standards.

There will be short lectures, but a majority of each class will consist of student presentations based on the previous week's lecture and assigned research materials. Areas of study will include but are not limited to, Sin and death, law and grace, Christology, eschatology, Calvinism vs. Arminianism, and other doctrines that have divided the faith for so long. Each student will be asked to pick one subject they are most interested in learning more about and one day of class will be focused on the chosen subject. Anyone wanting to learn more about the Christian faith from different perspectives who are open-minded enough to challenge their own traditional paradigms should take this course.


Brandon Lee Anthony Eastep

Minister, Father, Husband, Author, Teacher
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I live and teach the Hebrew faith. I work for a non-profit dealing with spiritual abuse and substance abuse. I also run a ministry teaching comparative Christian studies as well as teaching the bible from the Hebrew faith perspective without being limited by a statement of faith or doctrine of any specific organization which decides what I...

Class Requirements

Being a Christian is not a requirement, however, a background in Christianity is recommended.

What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Understanding Doctrinal Development, Challenging Personal Paradigms, Understanding Hebraic Thinking
Age groups: 18+ years
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
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