Samantha Bee

2 minutes
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Samantha Bee is an American comedian who first rose to fame as a correspondent for The Daily Show Comedy Central's Daily Show. And in the last couple of years, she's had her own weekly show where she looks at what's going on in the news and gives her own comedic take on that. Plus does interviews. I personally find her extraordinarily funny. You may or may not find her funny look at the clip below. But I think what you can take away from her is she is herself.

She's authentic. She's not trying to be like all the other late night talk show hosts. Now she makes a big deal out of the fact and others do too. But she's really the only woman who's hosting a late night comedy show and late night news program. And that is something that distinguisher makes her different. I do think there's something to that.

Her opinions, her commentary, even though she's politically not that different from some of the others. Late Night host. Her perspective is different. The style of her comedy is different, and there is an intensity. There is a ferociousness that comes through from her, but also in a way that makes her instantly likable. Now, full disclosure, she has a former client of mine, I actually had the pleasure of rehearsing with her for a day she had been hired by, I think it was a bleach company and she was going to be doing a series of satellite interviews all over the country, talking about a particular bleach and why the three second rule doesn't apply.

If something drops on your floor, your counter, you can't just pick it up and eat it. Anyway, she was a delight to work with a real pro. And that's why I think she is worthy of our examination here. Again, you might not like her comedy, you might not like her politics, but look at how she's able to just infuse her personality into all the issues of the day but in a way that doesn't make her seem like an egomaniac. Take a look. Leave comments

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