The Biggest Decision You Will Ever Make About Your Storytelling Future

5 minutes
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Okay, folks, here's the part where you got to make a decision. Right now you need to make a decision. Are you going to audit this course? Are you going to take this course and dive in? Or are you really going to try to get an A in this course, really make a meaningful difference in your life, and get to the point where you feel like you were a great storyteller and that this course made a huge impact on your life. So you have three choices.

If you just want to audit this course, and I'm not passing judgment on any of these if you just want to audit this course. Then just watch the videos, click to the next one, put it on autoplay, keep going sit back, relax, enjoy. I hope you enjoy it. Could it hurt now? Will it help that much? Probably not.

But we've all wanted it courses. We've all sort of sat in the back. They'd be popped in for a day whether it was college or high school. We've all passively watched a few videos here on this platform and others, and not really rolled up our sleeves and gotten to work. So if that's you, there's no hard feelings. Go ahead, go to the next section and just sit back and watch the next video.

Now, if you actually want to get something out of this course, I need you to now engage. There's your first homework assignment. Your homework assignment is at the lowest base level. I want you to type into the q&a section on this course and you'll see it above in the top middle, the q&a section. I want you to type up your story. Why are you in this course?

Did you have a bad speech a boring speech, they get a feedback or it's just an interest in yours because you want to be a motivational speaker. I want you to type up that story. Doesn't have to be long could be a couple of sentences, but What motivated you to be in this course? And what do you want to get out of this course. And you can just type it up. So that's pretty simple.

You can do that on your cell phone and iPad, a computer and just type it, put it in the q&a section. That's all I'm asking. If you do that, you're going to be probably in the top 2% of all students just for doing that one activity. Now, do you really want to get a tremendous amount out of this course? Do you want this to be a life changing course? Do you want this course to give you tremendous skills that you can use for every presentation for the rest of your life?

In that case, I need you to pull out a cell phone and record yourself speaking. tell your story. Tell me and the other students in this course. What prompted you to Take this course, have you had bad speaking experiences? What really motivated you to want to get better if you had negative feedback from any colleagues? And what do you want to get out of this course I want you to share your story right now, capture on a cell phone, a webcam, and iPad and then upload it to a video file sharing service.

You can put it on YouTube, and you can put the setting on unlisted. So the rest of the world isn't saying it. You can put it on Facebook, you can also just put it on Google Drive if you want to. People said well teach. I don't want anyone else to sit. No one really cares about your story.

They're focused on their own, I care. I'm going to look at it and I'm going to give you feedback. But if you want to get good at telling stories, you have to start by simply telling a story. You can't go to swimming class and just sort of sit back and watch and when the instructor tells you Okay, now get in the water. Just stand there blow bubbles with your face in the water is the first thing they do in swimming class. You can't just say, No, I'm good.

I'm just gonna sit back here and watch the instruction. Well, you would never learn how to be a great swimmer. That way. You'd also never learn how to swim at all. If you want to be a great storyteller, you need to start simple baby steps. This is the equivalent of stepping into the pool, putting your toes and then putting your face under and blowing bubbles.

So don't worry about it being a great story or a great speech. I simply want you to get used to a telling a story be practicing on video see putting it out to the world to get feedback. So make a decision right now. Are you auditing this course which case no hard feelings are you simply taking this course and you want to Pass at some level, type up your story or are you really all in yet? Do you really want to learn to be a great storyteller in that case? tell your story now on video and post the link right here in the q&a section.

I will watch I watch every single video that every single student of mine post on every course I have, and I will give you personalized feedback. Please do that now.

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