Winston Churchill

3 minutes
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You didn't think I could put together a list like this without including Winston Churchill Did you? Churchill is the most famous Prime Minister of Great Britain of all time. He is certainly known throughout the world as a great speaker, great communicator. Why is this now There have been numerous movies about him a gazillion books. There's a lot to really study here if you're fascinated by Churchill, but I want to cover what I think are the most important things for the average person to relate to. One thing I hear from clients all over the world, when I come to train them, for example, be on TV the first time or to give a major speech.

A lot of times people are filled with insecurities. I'm not good looking enough or I'm a behind the scenes person or I'm too short or not fit enough for all these issues. That's why I like to have people look at Winston Churchill. Here's a guy Who is short, bald? portly has a lisp has an actual speech impediment, and stutters. And by the standards of his time, he's not having very prestigious college education.

And yet, look at what he did. He went on to become the most famous speaker of Great Britain, depending on your list, one or two best speakers of the 20th century. And he did it, even though he had some deficiency. So watch the video now you see him? Quite often, you're so overwhelmed by this great mystique of the great Winston Churchill. Sometimes it's easy to miss the flaws.

But listen, you can in fact, hear a lisp a speech impediment. It's not just an accent. You can hear actual stammering And yet, it didn't matter. His passion came through. Winston Churchill was someone who had a real love of words, a love of language, he would write rewrite speeches. he famously said it would take him two weeks to come up with a quick impromptu speech at a dinner party.

He's someone who really put a lot of time, energy and effort into every aspect of it. Now, even when he read his speech, he still gave great icontact to his audience, great passion, hand motions, energy force, and he was very theatrical. During the war, he famously would finish a speech and then instantly dash out of the room as if he were off to solve another great world problem and he may have been in a hurry, but sometimes, it just added to the overall Mystique. He was a big believer in props. He had big, thick, porn rimmed glasses that he would take off and Play with he liked the pinstripe suit. Sometimes he would have a watch a pocket watch.

Very decorative. He really did put a lot of time into every aspect of his image, how he looked, how he sounded exactly what words he wanted to use. And he was not afraid to be powerful to attack to be extremely vivid compared to so many people in politics who want to be bland and diffuse. So, watch this video that I've linked to below. Watch others. Check out some movies about Winston Churchill too.

He really is a fabulous communicator and a tremendous presenter.

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