The Best Written Stories Are Often Not Written At All

1 minutes
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This is going to be a shock for some of you. Some of the best public speakers in the world, the best storytellers in the world. Don't write out their stories. They don't write out their whole speeches. They're good speakers, not because they stay up till 2am writing and rewriting and rehearsing and practicing. No, that's not their technique.

They create a database of stories. And when they're preparing for a presentation of speech, they think of it almost like going to a jukebox. I'll take a three, B two, C seven. They're combining stories with messages, the order may be completely different. But they look at their presentation in terms of here the ideas I'm trying to communicate Now, let me go into my database to pick the best stories to make those messages come alive. This is a system that frankly saves a lot of time and makes The whole presentation come across so much more effective because you will essentially have rehearsed your presentation before because you'll get into stories before.

Obviously, this doesn't work if you're speaking to the same group of employees or the same group of people again and again. But if you have similar messages, but you're talking to different groups, this is an extraordinarily effective way of preparing for presentations. So put away the pen and the keyboard

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