Nelson Mandela

2 minutes
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Nelson Mandela is one of the most motivational figures in history. He was in prison for 27 years essentially for the crime of being black. Now I've linked below to the first speech he gave after his release from prison. And what is kind of shocking to see is just how relaxed he looks how happy he looks, you would expect someone to be bitter angry after having half their life lost by being in prison, treated like a criminal. And yet, when you look at if you didn't know who he was, and you didn't know the background, you would see this person speaking and for all, you know, it's a wildly successful billionaire entrepreneur talking about the latest venture, just saying from the demeanor, how he holds himself, the smile. So sometimes how you communicate is about a larger context.

Here's someone who was so mistreated. Did for his whole life and didn't have a trace of bitterness. There wasn't vindictiveness there, that attracts the whole world, the whole world came to his cause and celebrated him. When he does speak, he has definite poise, he great voice, he looks good, all of those things are important. But the far bigger issue is this sheer context of his courage, what he'd been through. Now, that's not something that you and I can duplicate.

We can't all of a sudden be more credible to our colleagues at the office or to the trade association by serving in prison. So I certainly don't mean to make light of it. But I want to make certain that you can't just manufacture that sometimes. It's just a circumstance or a figure in history. And then it's about what do you do with it? He certainly made the most of it.

Any you His voice to speak out. So anytime you speak part of it is the audience is judging who you are as a person, also how you're coming across. And because of that, it goes down in history is not just one of the great inspirational figures, inspirational leaders but also a great communicator because he was so effective at communicating reconciliation, rebuilding his country, bringing people together and not spreading more hatred and violence. Take a look truly an inspirational figure.

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