Your Mouth AND Your Body Have a Story to Tell

2 minutes
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When you're telling a story, it's not just the words if it were just about words, you could email people your story, you're speaking to them. So you need to act. I don't mean phony and becoming a Broadway star. But you need to act out your words. The stagecraft is incredibly important. This whole section is about how to use your body.

And every tool you have, visually, to help bring the story alive. So there's going to be a lot of elements here, every aspect of what you do with your face, hands body. But remember the big picture is you want to take these images from your brain about this story and paint a picture so your audience sees it to help them is for you to act it out. So you're talking about a great distance you traveled, don't just say the words. walk across the stage. Slow If you're introducing a character who is brave, big and giant, then get on your tiptoes become great big.

If you're talking about someone else who shy and knee can small, make yourself small. Don't be afraid to use your whole but you don't have to be doing gymnastics. You don't have to be tap dancing for people on the stage. But you could certainly walk around and relive me enact certain things when it comes to telling your story. If you're on the phone with someone, get on the phone with someone. If someone is in your face yelling, then you need to step forward as if you're getting in someone's face.

These are all things we do when we're just telling a story with a friend or family member and we're excited. And yet, when we are giving a so called serious public speech, press sensation we tend to shrink up. We tighten up. We stand behind a lectern because that's what you're supposed to do. Now you're not great speakers, professional speakers will use every inch of the stage. You can do because all it is is walking and talking.

Something you've been doing since you were three years old. Stay tuned a lot of good stuff in this section.

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