Barbara Walters

2 minutes
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TV journalist barbara walters is in my Pantheon is one of the greatest communicators of all time. She really knows how to present ideas effectively. And she's tremendously versatile. She was born in the 1920s. She's had an amazingly Long, long career. And in 2018, she's still the executive producer of the view.

She was real groundbreaker when it comes to women in journalism, started off as just a fact checker very low level positions and PR research with major networks, but worked her way on to the morning shows. She then in the 1970s became the first female anchor of a network newscasts and famously made a million dollars a year which was unprecedented at the time. She's worked for many different networks had somebody different positions specials, hard news, soft news Morning News primetime news program And then it looked like your career was kind of finishing up way about 20 years ago, she was almost 70. She started a whole nother career when she launched a TV show called the view where she's sitting around having a conversation with other women. She did that on air for the next 16 years. Here's some of the things I want you to take away when looking at her speak.

She has a speech impediment, it was famously mocked by other comedians on Saturday Night Live back in the 70s and early 80s. And yet hasn't slowed her down. She's not someone who certainly was the youngest prettiest person in the room. Not someone with the best education credentials, not someone who spoke the clearest and yet she beat all those other men and women throughout her career. She hustled she Network she out socialized she outward. And she just never stopped.

She's always looking for more opportunities to speak was always taking another show another site assignment, starting a new show producing a new show. And she just didn't let the fact that she didn't speak the way other people wanted her to bother her. Now she has her two tractors, not everyone likes her style, doesn't let that bother her. She keeps going and going and going. And then I do think it's a real lesson. For people who aspire to be communicators, you can be fired.

You can have setbacks, you can be told you're too old, you're not enough this you're not of that. If you just keep looking for more and more opportunities, keep inserting yourself, keep creating your own vehicles. For speaking. You can have a long, long career. Take a look below. Comment in the q&a section.

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