Judge Judy

2 minutes
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Do you want to know what the highest paid Hollywood celebrity looks like? Imagine a woman that captures so much attention in Hollywood. She's paid more than any other woman in Hollywood. Are you envisioning this? Well, let me tell you what she looks like. She's about five feet tall looks like your grandmother and she's almost 80 years old.

I'm talking about Judge Judy Judy Scheindlin. She is a longtime TV judge. And she is wildly successful. She also has a strong New York accent. She is not anybody's idea of Angelina Jolie or George Clooney or someone glamorous and yet she reaches 10s and 10s of millions of people every week. They watch her every day on her TV show.

She's the one who's paid basically a million dollars a day for her taping sessions when she taped these shows, so she's wildly successful. makes lots of money entertains millions and millions of people. And she does it. Sitting down, talking. How does she do that? Part of it is her persona.

The no nonsense New Yorker, the tough judge, calling people on their baloney calling them out on their Bs, reprimanding people, people like someone stern telling people you did wrong, you're wrong, your pet. They like that. And she's very clear, doesn't seem scripted at all. She's not memorizing someone else's lines. He's just being authentic. And it works for her.

It works for her audiences. So there's a lot you can learn there. It's not about your accent, how tall you are, how young you are, how beautiful you are, how good looking you are, if you communicate effectively in your Passionate and you're not afraid to be nice occasionally but also express just disdain for nonsense. People will respect that. They'll like that. They'll listen to you.

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