Listen to Natural conversation

4 minutes
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So let's talk about the number one source of problems for most people with their voices. And again, I'm excluding that bottom, less than 1%, who truly have something awful. The biggest problem for 99% of us who are displeased with their voice, is that because we are nervous in certain situations, whether it's getting in front of a boardroom, to give a presentation speaking in front of a classroom, is that we get nervous. Once we're nervous. We stop doing the things we do with our voice that we do and we're comfortable. So when we're nervous, we might start speaking quickly.

We might start speaking in a monotone because we're thinking about how do we get through this? You're awful that sounds and I really want you to know I'm right. We put doubt into our voice and and with question marks. At the end are, we're not certain we're writing so we speak to us Softly no one can understand us, we mumble whisper. So these are not technically problems with your voice. This is simply your voice expressing your emotions.

And the voice often doesn't lie. So the key here is, you've got to figure out how you come across your best anytime you're speaking, and then do it that way, even if you are nervous. That is the key to solving most people's vocal problems. Because if you hear yourself giving a speech and you're thinking, I sound boring, I sound droning I would hate to listen to myself. The problem might not be your voice. The problem might be that you're reading a really boring PowerPoint.

So here's what we've got to do. To a thoroughly diagnose the problem be come up with a solution. I enjoy Need you to call a friend request let your friend know you're doing this, although you don't have to, because you're only recording your side of the voice. You're not recording your friend. And I need you to just forget about the recorder for a while and I need you to talk to a good friend about something you care passionately about. It could be NFL football, it could be Olympic ice skating.

It could be politics. It could be and it could be religion. Anything you care about passionately. Just have a 20 minute conversation recorded. Try to forget that there's even a recording. And if it's a friend, you sometimes you yell you get excited to get upset.

You're angry about the refs call at last night's college basketball game, I need you to record I don't care what you're talking about. Here's what I do care about is once you record I need you to listen to it. And here's what most people find. When you're simply talking naturally, your voice has great variation. So now if you're louder, sometimes you're softer. Sometimes you get excited and you're faster and there's more excitement.

Sometimes you slow it down. And occasionally, there's a pause. A good voice. It's kind of like a roller coaster. Sometimes it's fast. Sometimes it's slow.

Sometimes it goes around corners. Sometimes it's sometimes it's, there's variation to your voice. That's what makes somewhat interesting to listen to. Not sounding like a generic TV news anchor. That's not what necessarily makes anyone interesting to listen to. So that's what I need you to do right now.

Call a friend and you don't have to listen to it. I'll just fast forward or go to the part on the digital audio file, halfway in or two thirds in Are you think, okay, we were getting in a debate about something there and I'd forgotten we were recording. Listen to just that one minute. Chances are, you're going to hear a lot more variation in your voice than when you're practicing that speech that you had to give at next week straight Association convention where your sound boring and flat and monotone the way I do. So I need you to do this diagnosis. Because if I'm correct, and I often AM, your voice is going to sound a lot better, because you're going to have the full range of your voice louder, softer, faster, slower, pauses in your voice will come alive.

So please do that for me right now.

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