Joan Rivers

2 minutes
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Comedian Joan Rivers had a career that spanned 50 years till she passed away in 2014. And she was wildly successful, but I do think there are things she did that anyone can try to do as well. Something she did well, whether she was a guest on a talk show, whether she was doing stand up comedy, whether she was hosting shows, she was never afraid to make fun of herself. Now, I'm not suggesting you have to talk about your ugly you are your plastic surgery, but she always did that. I'm not saying she was ugly, but she always talks about how ugly she was and how many plastic surgery she had. So she didn't come across as arrogant.

It made her more likeable to people. The other thing that she did so well is she was utterly fearless. She would say anything. She didn't care how offensive it was. You got the sense she was telling you what she really thought and I'm not suggesting you rip apart your boss or say hi, the founder of your company is ugly, you're stupid. But if you can build a reputation for yourself as someone who really does say the honest truth, even if it occasionally can offend certain interest that's going to help you as a presenter if you can occasionally make fun of yourself or act like you don't think you're perfect, that will make you even more likeable as a as a communicator.

Now, Joan Rivers had a tremendous work ethic. She was always on the go. More cable shows more TV shows appearances talk radio show stand up. I'll never forget one time I saw her in a stand up comedy club in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. And she was already that had been over 70 she was doing a stand up comedy show from like seven to 830 in the evening. Probably Finished around nine.

She was working on new material for a Broadway show she had actually had her notes on the floor. It was still funny. As soon as it finishes that I've got a run. She's dashing a car was waiting for her to go to QVC so she could take segments selling her own jewelry on QVC starting at two in the morning, work, work, work work she presented. She communicated she was tireless. Whether it was Hawking her own wares, being a guest on other shows, hosting cable shows, comedy shows being a gift.

She was everywhere. And she just got better and better and better. Take a look. Right in the q&a section what you like, what you don't like, if you don't think she's funny, that's okay. But that's not really what you learn by watching someone like Joan Rivers speak

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