A Masterclass in Storytelling

2 minutes
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In this section of the course, I practice what I preach, I tell stories to illustrate key points. Now there are a lot of stories here in each store each video you're going to see, there's only one idea I'm trying to convey. I'd recommend that you look at the title carefully. Look at the point I'm trying to convey. If you feel like you've already got the point, or you don't care about it, don't watch it. Not everyone wants to see every single story in your life about what happened to you.

And I realized, not all of you want to see every single story that's happened to me, these are all of the most interesting stories, at least to me, that happened throughout my career that I think are relevant to people who are trying to communicate more effectively. Now, I'm not just rambling on and on about my life and telling you find interesting things that happened to me. All of these stories are about points that I think are going to be important interesting. are useful to people who are trying to build their communication skills. I state at the end of the story, what the point was, I'm hoping you got it before that, but I tell you what the point was to drive home further. If you are incredibly interested in me, and the idea being a public speaking trainer, immediate trainer, I think you'll find this section particularly interesting.

If you're not interested in me. That's okay. And you're here just to get the basic skills you need to be great at your presentation skills. You might want to skip all of this. I ask is make sure that when you're coming up with your own presentation, don't skip the storytelling part. Because you've heard me say it many places throughout this course.

The most important part of being a great presenter. The strongest presentation skill is the ability to illustrate key points with interesting, memorable, relevant stories. So, let's hop in if you can join me, go to the next video. Can we go to the whole next section? I'm not offended. Be my guest.

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