Nobody Knows Anything

3 minutes
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If you're presenting yourself on video, in movies, in little skits in music, it doesn't matter where what, as long as you find some core audience that likes you even loves you. It's simple. It doesn't matter if a lot of other critics don't like you. The screenwriter William Goldman once said nobody knows anything. And what he meant is, you know, people who try to pick this as a winner, this is a hit this isn't. They really don't know what they're talking about.

So much of it is guesswork. I learned that in 1985. I was in Rockefeller Center having lunch. I just graduated from college, I had an internship at a PR firm making the princely sum of $5 an hour. And I'm having lunch with an executive in ad sales for NBC, the big NBC I'm their NBC headquarters Rockefeller Center. This is a big, high powered executive.

I'm trying to impress him Maybe get a job because my internship is about to end. And we're looking outside the window we're having lunch and there's this big crowd. There's all this Papa Razzi people are lining up and they said look at that. Everywhere you go, we see her. Teach I predict a year from now, no one will even remember her name. The popstar out there on the street, Madonna.

She wasn't forgotten in a year. She wasn't forgotten a decade. And here we are. many decades later, people still know who Madonna is. You may love her hater, but there's no doubt she has staying power. She is someone who knows how to market herself and continue to get people talked about.

So remember, someone might not like you, someone might think you are just the Pop physical of the day and going to be instantly forgotten. If you have something that's working with some crowd, keep at certainly build your craft. Try to expand on that. Build your base. But don't be dissuaded by the naysayers. If critics hate you, but you have a fan base, something's working.

Keep it up. So why do I tell that story? Again, I want people to realize that you can't simply rely on gatekeepers. Now, gatekeepers didn't know that much. 3540 years ago, but they really don't know much today. They simply don't have the power to make stars or to stop someone from becoming a star.

Through the power of YouTube, Facebook, social media, online courses like that. creators can give their presentation in any format and reach audiences directly and that there's something there They can build a following. So that's what I want you to do. Regardless of whether you are an accountant or a home Design Specialist, or a wine expert, share your expertise with the world. Listen to criticism, by all means you can learn from it. But don't give up just because somebody says nobody's gonna care about that person.

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