Cult Leaders Have Great Presentation Skills

3 minutes
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You want to be a great communicator, a great presenter, great speaker. My advice, look for as many different opportunities as possible to hear different types of speakers, even if you don't necessarily agree with them. In 1993, a friend of mine told me about, I guess you could say, talked me in to going to a cult meeting. This was an AST meeting, a three day weekend workshop. It was then called the forum. And look, if you're a big fan of the forum, and you don't want them called a cult, sorry, but it is very cult like in many, many aspects.

So this is an offshoot or the latest incarnation of an organization called asked Earnhardt seminar trainings which was extremely popular in the United States and around the world in the 1970s. And you get Very strong, charismatic leader in the front of the room, hundreds of people. And it's basically public speaking and sharing for three days. But it's very powerful speaking. And you see group hypnosis, you see people starting to cry and emotions and fight and debate, screaming, yelling. It's an extraordinarily intense experience.

And you can see a real master at speaking because you don't get to be a leader of one of these forums without being incredibly trained as a speaker, debater, talker, manipulator, and hypnotist. So I don't recommend anyone to go to the forum, or any other cult for that matter religion. It's just not my business, not my thing to be recommending it to people from an intellectual, emotional or if you like the word spiritual perspective but I do think when it comes to pure presentation skills and exposing yourself to a variety of experiences, it's a fantastic thing to do and to learn from. Okay, so why do I tell that story? I have to be a little bit careful because I don't want to offend people who are big fans of this particular organization, or culture things that are like cults but don't like being called culture for that matter religions.

I don't want to offend people needlessly, because then that mixes up the main communication goal I have. But I do think it's a fascinating experience and to try to expose yourself to as many different types of experiences when it comes to presentations, the better it's very different than just watching it on TV or watching it on video. Being in a room where people are crying and yelling and on the floor, and Very different experience.

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