Amy Cuddy

5 minutes
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Amy Cuddy is the most successful Female Speaker in the history of the TED conferences. She's the second most popular speaker of all time, she said 10s and 10s of millions of people watch her speech. It's linked below. I want you to look at it, analyze it now. This intrigues me at many, many levels. I have some mixed feelings here, and I hope I don't offend any of you needlessly.

I do think she is a great speaker. So when I look at her style, her packaging, how she crafts her speech, how she delivers her speech. I think it's excellent. I think it's sort of a textbook example of what to do. Where I'm torn is I listen to her message and I think it's the worst possible method error message basically boils down to, you want to be confident before giving a speech, a presentation, a job interview. Stand like Wonder Woman And you'll be filled with confidence.

And this stance will make your posture full and you'll just be full of confidence you'll you'll be great. Now it turns out that the research allegedly supporting this cannot be duplicated. And the research has been called into question and most people considered debunked. The far bigger issue I have with this is I think it's irrelevant. Just feeling confident, I can feel confident, but if I'm giving you an incredibly boring presentation, it doesn't matter if I feel confident. So I kind of feel like she's one of these diet gurus analogous to a diet guru, who says, you know, eat m&ms twice a day and you'll lose a lot of weight.

Well, if you only two m&ms a day and you eat nothing else, yeah, you'll lose weight. But no one can do that. And it's not really gonna solve your long term health problems, kind of a waste of time, it's diverting people from what really needs to be done if you're really overweight. You need to eat healthier food, fewer calories and exercise more. If you're getting a really boring speech, just feeling confident isn't going to help you the solution is given interesting speech. In fact, if you want a role model, I would suggest no better role model than Amy Cuddy.

If you actually look at how she constructs her speech, it's textbook perfect. She She focuses on just a couple of ideas. She does a great job of weaving in a personal narrative. She tells a story in such a compelling way. She talks about being in a car crash and being in a coma, losing IQ points, having to fight back her own fears, insecurities, it's it's an emotional ride. You feel for her.

She comes across as just an extremely likable person a nice for someone you'd want to have at a dinner party with your family. But guess what? That's pretty much what every public speaking book says on Amazon. And there's 20,000 of them. And they all tell you focus on fewer ideas, use personal examples, tell stories, bring in emotion, connect with the audience. She moves around some, she smiles.

She does all the things, frankly, that I recommend to all of my clients so that you're hearing throughout this entire course. So I think she's a great role model in that regard. Where I am lost though, and feel bad is it it's just yet another gimmick. It's telling people kind of what they want to hear. It's like, here's the thighmaster machine. Don't worry about exercising.

A lot or doing any strenuous exercise or changing your diet just by this infomercial gadget and put your legs together something and that's gonna make you thin and beautiful. It's yet another gimmick. So this one hits me kind of hard because I constantly see people on the internet and elsewhere say, Well, if you just you know, visualize people in their underwear, you'll be fine. If you tap on your face enough, you'll get over fear of public speaking. Or if you take a beta blocker, or you get hit with all these gimmicks. Use Prezi and use animation your speech will be fine.

Well, no, no, no. If you want to give a great presentation, you need to do the hard work of coming up with interesting ideas which kuti did, coming up with a compelling story for each idea which cut he did. practicing your speech, many times, preferably dozens of times or hundreds of times or even thousands of times, as I suspect Cuddy did practice on video. keep doing it until you love your speech, then and only then are you ready to give it and then you'll be filled with confidence. The problem of course, if you do a TED talk, and you say that you'll get about three viewers because it's not sexy, it's not some quick gimmick fix. It's not something that helps you avoid doing the hard work of what's actually necessary.

Nonetheless, I do recommend you watch the video. If you agree with me, you can leave comments in the q&a section. If you disagree with me and you think I'm being mean or harsh. You can leave comments in the q&a section.

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