Billy Graham

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Billy Graham was famous throughout the world for his evangelism, his crusades being on TV but also gathering together huge crowds. Now, any of you who've seen him and he's passed away recently, but the last 1015 years, he's been very soft spoken elderly, but in his younger days, he was very fiery, very passionate as a preacher, and as a speaker and could command huge audiences of 10s and 10s of thousands of people in stadiums would come to watch him. I actually went to one of his crusades in probably 1967 68 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I still remember it a powerful speaker. He was not one of these preachers, who is just trying to speak in academic intellectual tones. He certainly didn't spend a lot of time with his head down. Reading.

He was speaking from Hart, speaking with emotion. And he certainly wasn't afraid to gesture animate, raised his voice. He used all of his tools now in his younger days, he was known for having almost Hollywood matinee look six foot two thin, beautiful, thick headed blonde hair. And he was really quite striking the TV cameras loved him, and he generated tremendous publicity anywhere he went. Take a look below. See the clip?

Look at his passion. Look at his excitement. Might not be your style. You might not care for his religion or any religion. That's okay. You can still learn communication secrets by looking at some of the masters and he was a master.

Take a look. Leave a comment.

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