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Recently, I was conducting a storytelling public speaking workshop in my studio in New York City, and a whole bunch of students there. One in particular stood up. This was Chris and Chris said, TJ, you gotta help me. I gave a presentation the other day, before I stood up. Sweat was coming out of my palms. I was nervous.

I was afraid of being boring. Because I knew I just had this PowerPoint slide with lots and lots of bullet points, data. It was a boring data dump. Sure enough, I looked out the audience, people are playing with their cell phones, people are talking. Again, the bank was practically asleep. Afterwards, my manager came up to me and said, we gotta do something, Chris, you really didn't hold the audience.

We got to figure out how to make this a little more engaging. So TJ, that's why I'm here. Well, guess what? You are Chris. I was Chris. Everyone.

Was at some point, but you know what happened. Everyone in the room then gave a round of applause because Chris had actually just given a great story. It had a character, it had a setting, had a problem, had emotion, had some dialogue. That's all storytelling is. It's about being interesting. sharing an experience and making a point.

That's what you're going to learn right here. So please sign up right now. So you can be a master storyteller.

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