And The Winner of The Worst Dressed Award Is...

2 minutes
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I'm in Bangkok, Thailand, and I'm conducting a media training for a group of executives. And we're at the part where I'm talking about dressing for TV looking your best not being distracting. One of the clients is standing up speaking we're recording it. We're watching it as I'm watching it. I look down at my feet. And I realize oh, no, I'm wearing two different shoes.

A tote match. I look up I hope no one notices I look down again. It gets worse. I'm wearing mismatched socks. One is brown. One is blue.

Oh, no, it can't get worse than this. I look down again. I've got coffee stains on my shirt. So what did I do? For starters, I didn't talk about I didn't apologize. I didn't want to bring attention to it.

I simply focused on helping the person I was training now on this particular day. I wasn't in the spotlight. I wasn't on camera. My trainees were clients, one of the ones on camera, they were the ones in the spotlight, not me. So big lesson there. Try to dress better than I do.

And I am colorblind. By the way, although I'm not completely colorblind red green deficient, I shouldn't have done that and it doesn't excuse having coffee stains on your shirt. So focus on actually helping people and if you do screw up visually, they might not notice you if you are in the spotlight if you're on TV. If you are on the state, people will notice that so you need to give more attention. Give yourself a real once over before you're in front of people. But if you're not in the spotlight.

Realize, at some level, people don't care what you look like they're more focused on themselves. If you help people look their best and sound their best, they might not even notice what you're wearing or care what you're wearing.

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