Eleanor Roosevelt

2 minutes
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Eleanor Roosevelt is probably not someone you've watched give a speech in a while she's been dead for many decades. She's the former First Lady of the United States, married to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And she changed the role of first lady. She said, I've got a spotlight. I've got a bully pulpit. I'm going to use it.

So she used her position to really speak out and favor all sorts of rights, human rights. She was speaking at the UN frequently all over the world for political issues, social issues she cared about. She did this, while at the same time getting tremendous amounts of hate mail. people hated her. They hated her looks. They hated her accent.

They mocked her teeth. They threatened to kill her. She got so much vitriol thrown her way. And she said, I don't I'm just going to continue speaking out. She wasn't someone who ran for office herself. But she was someone who realized I now have this platform.

Why don't I make the most of it? So she spoke, she spoke frequently. She spoke everywhere. She did speak with passion. And she spoke in a way that was able to get her ideas across. Is she the most compelling, magical speaker you've ever seen?

No. But I include her in this list because I do think she's a great example of someone who withstood a lot of adversity, a lot of attacks, not a natural speaker, not someone just born for the spotlight, but decided she had this opportunity she was going to use it and use it to try to make the world a better place. And that's why she's still talked about today. So take a look below. Figure out What you like what you don't like?

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