Larry King

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Larry King is a talk show host known around the world. He was on CNN for a couple of decades. You still see him on different networks, cable networks, online networks. And he's been doing this since the 1950s. There he started off in South Florida talk radio. Actually one of the first radio stations I ever hosted a show.

Larry's broadcasting career turned out better than mine, but he has never really slowed down. His style is kind of the same too. He knows who he is. He doesn't try to be the smartest most intellectual interviewer he doesn't try to show the audience that he knows more than his guests. He takes the attitude that he wants to be the stand in for the typical AUDIENCE MEMBER whether it's a radio listener or a TV viewer and ask the questions they would ask if they could speak to that guest. Now he's famously said and even been ridiculed for that.

But he sticks by it. He's famously said that he never reads the book of any of his guests in advance because he doesn't want to know more than his audience does. He wants to be able to discover the ideas of the author at the same time. The audience does its work for him that also saves a lot of prep time. He's a simple words, simple language. And he doesn't try to lead the guests in a lot of different directions.

He lets the guests say what they want to say. He's also interesting in that he's not your typical good looking Hollywood matinee. He didn't get here because he was the best looking person, necessarily even the most charming. But he is someone who's just there day in day out he has a passion for asking questions, a passion for his craft and a passion for communication. Now I have seen him speak Many times at various conventions, and he's really funny when he speaks now he tends to tell the same stories. But he gets great laughs from the audience.

He has even done stand up comedy in the past early in his career and even occasionally, now so quite versatile as a communicator, but his main thing is sitting, hunched over asking questions of guests, and that has been his communication style. That's worked for him since the 1950s. Take a look at the clip below to figure out what do you like about a style? What do you not like? Post your comments in the q&a section.

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