Teddy Roosevelt

2 minutes
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In 1912, Teddy Roosevelt was about to give a speech and somebody shot him. But he was so devoted to speaking, campaigning, speaking out on behalf of his beliefs, he still gave the speech. His shirt was bloody. He told his audience, he'd been shot, he actually pulled out his speech. Thankfully, his speech was 50 pages long. And in part the thickness of that manuscript is what some experts believe, saved his life because it didn't Pierce his body and killing commitment like that.

The speaking is rare. I know. I feel pretty committed to speaking I'll speak if I have a headache. I'll speak if there's a thunderstorm and we lose electricity. But if someone shoots me, I'm not gonna speak. He's different.

He had a commitment. Now you may be surprised to see actually found video of him speaking It's more than 100 years old, but you can still see his energy, the hand motion. He's not one of these guys who were just sort of standing and reading and using lips move. He spoke with his whole body. He brought tremendous passion to everything he did in life, whether it was writing 40 books or having a farm with hundreds of employees and every kind of wildlife. He led a passionate life and it came out in every single speech, unfortunately, live really just a few miles down the street from the teddy roosevelt museum here in Long Island in New York, and it's a treat to go there.

If you ever get a chance. You should. But watch the video. Listen carefully. His voice is kind of high pitched. It's not what we think of is this great, powerful voice.

But his ideas were powerful. His passion was powerful and he didn't let any Anything slowing down, not even a bullet. Take a watch, listen. Leave your comments.

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