Ellen DeGeneres

3 minutes
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Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most widely successful TV talk show host ever, certainly in the last decade or shows wildly popular here in the United States. What is her appeal as a communicator, a part of it. As you can see in the clip below, she just comes across as genuine, as likable as friendly. She is a professional comedian. That's her back her background. So humor is infused with everything she does.

But she comes across in a way where you just feel like she doesn't have a hateful bone in her body. She comes across as a nice person. likable, friendly. She's not always trying to get the last word in. She really listens to her guests. She shows sympathy, and she just comes across as normal and average.

She's not better looking than the average person. She's not a better dancer, than the average person even though She comes in dancing. on her show. She just comes across as someone completely comfortable in her own skin. Part of what makes her successful is she's just out there. She's been in this business for numerous decades.

She's had ups, she's had downs. But she kind of looks the same. She kind of sounds the same. The public has changed. There was a time. She came out as gay, lost her primetime sitcom, and sort of had to go into hiding for a while, was very unpopular for a while, did other projects, then got her daily TV talk show, and it's been phenomenally successful ever.

It's hard for most people to even remember 20 years ago, when it was considered kind of a big deal that she was gay and it wasn't that bad. A lot of people thought those days are long gone. One Other things that I do think is great as a role model for any type of presenter, any speaker is the discipline. Comedian said there's really good comedians. We're used to performing stand up in dingy little clubs, nightclubs, comedy clubs all over the country. Sometimes 234 sometimes five sets a night comedians in New York City when they're first starting often bounced around from one comedy club to another, they might be in six comedy clubs in one night.

Even if you're not the World's Greatest Comic, it's virtually impossible not to learn things about public speaking about presenting about reading an audience about timing. When you are in front of so many audiences live, hearing people getting feedback, figuring out what works, what doesn't work. So I think that was a fantastic grounding for Ellen DeGeneres. And it's one reason why you see So many former stand up comedians, hosting shows they simply have more experience under their belt for reacting to people in live situation. So I know this is supposed to be about Ellen DeGeneres. But if you ever get an opportunity to take a live stand up comedy class, or perform open mind, do it, even if you're awful, and I've done it before, and I was awful.

But even if you do it, You're awful. You'll still learn a lot. You'll learn about how to be a better communicator, and a better presenter. Watch the clip of Alan. And then right in the discussion section, the q&a section of this course. What you like what you don't like

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