Thank You to One of My Mentors Bill Gove

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This section here is a bonus section. There are a lot of other additional elements on how to be a better speaker I wanted to share with you and there was no other logical place to put them. So I put these videos here I also wanted to give a special thanks to one of my mentors, the late bill go bill Gogh was one of the founders of the National Speakers Association, and was a fantastic speaker in it from the very beginning of the speaking industry. I met him at a time where I was at a low point in my career. It was 1995 I'd had a nationally syndicated talk radio show basically go down the tubes, I was trying to recreate myself and my speaking and training career. Bill took pity upon me, he said come on down to South Florida.

I was living in Central Florida at the time. I'm going to help you. I went down to his condo complex He didn't charge me a thing for this. It was just the sheer goodness of his heart. And I'll never forget what he said is it TJ? Tell a story.

Make a point. That's what he did all day long. He very disciplined he didn't let me go through a second point. And tell told a story about the first one. So, Bill is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on his generosity lives on. And I hope you have gotten a lot out of this course so much of it was motivated by my instruction from Bill and also that you continue to get more out of it by telling your own story.

So enjoy this section. And the few to come

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