Barack Obama

3 minutes
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Former President Barack Obama, to me is a fascinating case on the power of public speaking. If you go back in time to 2004 and looked at Barack Obama, you would say, Here's somebody with a funny name, doesn't have any personal wealth, doesn't have family wealth, doesn't have family connections, has lost his only bid for federal office when he ran for Congress had been in a low level legislative position. What does he really have going for himself and he went from there, in one speech to being the front runner for the 2008 democratic nomination and became president in 2008, elected in 2008. I would argue and this is not in any way to diminish other accomplishments of his he was based entirely on this public speaking skills specifically, is two things For the Democratic Convention, keynote speech shown below, take a look at it. It is a masterpiece.

Here's what people don't really know about Barack Obama only a few years earlier. He was giving speeches all the time presentations as a law professor at the University of Chicago and guess what? students thought he was boring, ponderous, just a boring lecture, he learned he got better. He improved. He rehearsed that speech a great deal. And he really got to the point where he was much more comfortable with it.

Now, when you're giving a political speech like this at a convention, you're using a teleprompter. Most politicians are not very good at this because they're not using them that often. So the big problem most people have with teleprompters is they freeze their head and all of us out and they start to speak at the same speed, the same tone the same volume, they don't pause That makes anybody look and sound boring. Obama took the time to learn how to use a teleprompter. And he learned the basics, which is you got to keep moving your face, you got to keep moving your head, your hands, you have to sometimes speak a little louder, sometimes a little softer, sometimes faster, sometimes slower and occasionally, you have to pause. That is what makes someone good at reading a teleprompter.

Sounds simple when I say it that way. So few politicians bother to learn the basics he did that served him well for that keynote speech. It also served him well on the presidential campaign and in office and for re election too. I could talk a lot about Barack Obama, and I have so link further along in this course. I have an entire hour long video analyzing all of his major early speeches. His campaign and earlier career.

So if you're really interested, take a look at that. But for right now, look at his 2004 speech, his keynote speech that really made a name for him and figure out let's see doing well. What is it? He's doing that you could also do? Post your comments in the q&a section.

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