Did You Really Do The Last Homework Assignment?

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2 minutes
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I want to thank you for taking the time of not only making the video but reviewing it, doing it numerous times, getting the point where you liked how you came across and then uploading it right here was that you say you didn't do that yet? Well, I'm asking you nicely before we go to the next lesson. Before we even watch the rest of this, Please, I'm begging you do this one thing now. You can't sign up for bike riding lessons and refuse to get on the bike. You can't go to the swimming pool and sign up for swimming lessons and refuse to get into the pool if you want to learn how to swim. If you want to learn how to tell stories, you've got to practice stories.

And these days you got to practice them on video. If I'm going to help you I can't come to your house right now your office. least not in the next five minutes but I can Share my expertise with you'd help you if you upload the video. So if you just want to passively watch this, fine, but it's all in you don't put in your evaluation. Oh, there was no meaningful practice lessons in this course. Well, yes, there are asking you to do it now.

So if you don't do it, don't tell me there were no practical lessons. also realize this course is not about me delivering videos. Now I think I give good information. But that's not where people learn, you learn by doing it, recording it, uploading it, and then the critiques I give, I can tell you right now, what people get the most out of all my public speaking courses, is when I give individualized, personalized critiques of every single video, and I'm sad to tell you 99% of students never upload a single video. So if you have uploaded a video, chances are you've already gotten a critique from me or you will within 24 hours. I do personally critique every single speech video story video that's uploaded here in the q&a section, if you haven't done it, it's not too late, that it's never going to be too late.

You have lifetime access to this course. By the way, any questions at all? Please just type them into the q&a section better yet record a video of yourself asking the question and I answer every single question. Typically, same day, almost always within 24 hours unless I'm traveling or a weekend, but then it's typically never more than eight business day hours later. So I'm very responsive and will continue to be so

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