Martin Luther King Jr.

2 minutes
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Martin Luther King Jr. is considered by many to have given the best speech of the 20th century he is I Have a Dream speech. Now if people don't know is that that was only one speech he gave that year he gave about 300 speeches that year. I've linked to it below. I do want you to take a look at it. But part of why he's good is that he spoke so frequently. And even though he was there in the Washington mall with such a huge, gigantic 10s and 10s of thousands of people there in the audience.

He wasn't that nervous, in part, because he spoke so frequently and when you speak enough, you can get comfortable enough to think on your feet because here's the thing people don't know. The whole I have a dream repetition. He did spontaneously. Now he given that speech before sections of it, but it wasn't actually written into the speech that day. He decided spontaneously to add it in, and to react to the audience. It's not something you can do.

If you give one speech a year, you're going to be too nervous, you're going to want to stick to the script. And this is why speaking frequently, just giving great speeches, but speaking frequently helps so much. I do want you to notice the poise. He's not rushed at all. Most people. If you got in front of 10s of 100,000 people, you'd be like, Oh my gosh, let me finish and get out of here.

He's in no rush. he pauses. He speaks slowly at the beginning. He builds in the excitement he builds in the passion. And even though he's looking at a script when he is speaking with passion, he looks out at people. His voice is used as an instrument and its full range.

Still a great speech, since chills up the spine of many People who watch it I hope you enjoy it, take a look at it. Learn from it. Some of the style may feel data to you. You can't necessarily do this the next time you're presenting to ask for a raise in your office with your boss, but look at the things you can do speaking from passion, speaking frequently, pausing to make a point, more important. Those are things you can do in any presentation. Take a look or leave a comment.

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