My Worst Presentation Ever!

4 minutes
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Not every presentation you give is going to go smoothly. One of my worst presentations happened more than a couple of decades ago. I was going on a talk radio show in South Florida. It was political season. I was promoting a book and I liked a particular candidate. I'll never forget, I went on the show.

And I go into the studio and I couldn't help but notice my seat was very low to the ground. I had to sort of look up at the host, glowering down at me he was in a real position of authority. So we start the show. He's very confrontational. He's from a different political orientation than I'm in. And as soon as I made the case for a particular candidate I like he basically yelled at me and said, Mr. Walker, I have more respect for a Klansmen than I do for you.

And I hadn't saying that provocative. I was shocked. This hostname was we'll call him Steve Stick. And I continued to rebut I continue to say when I said I'd already been a talk show host myself this point immediate trainer. I wasn't lacking in confidence. Next thing I know he pulls the microphone out of my hand is pulling it out.

I'm pulling it back. I don't want to let this guy intimidate me. Next thing I know, Mr. Stick reaches under the table. He pulls out a gun. He points it at me now this is talk radio in South Florida.

Nobody can see this. And he says, Now do you see my point? Mr. Walker? You know when I said that point. Not much. It was more of a hub blah, blah blah, blah.

I stammered something. It was not pretty. It was not my greatest Talk Show appearance. The whole segment ended. He theatrically kicked me out of the studio. He's yelling at his producer called a police call.

I want this guy kicked out of my studio is skirted off the property. I quickly left. And it just so happened I had friends of mine recording the show that day and they replayed that audio every time I went to their home but the next five years, he thought it was so funny to see me embarrassed. But here's the thing. I actually went back to that station a couple weeks later, and was a guest on other hosts shows. I went back a month later and I guest hosted on other shows on that station now I still avoided Mr.

Stick. I still think he's crazy. But I didn't let that one opportunity. Make me give up or quit or think oh my gosh, it's so cute. I'll never do an interview again. I'll never present on radio or TV again.

Now. I've done thousands of talk shows since then. Why? It's because I have a real commitment to speaking and presenting and communicating helping other people communicate. Not gonna let one bad opportunity scared me away. Okay, so why did i tell that story?

I tell that story to impart. humanize me people want to see, well, the all knowing trainer in front of them has had some tough times. Also let them realize, you know, everyone's gonna have a bad day. But the main reason I tell that story is I want people to know that I as their trainer have real commitment to this a passion for this. And so I tell this story when I'm doing a media training or presentation skills training, because I want people to know I didn't just sort of stumble into this last week or it seemed like a hot topic. From a Google search or analytics two months ago, I have been in this for decades, I have some scars to prove it.

And I have a real commitment to helping people speak, improve and communicate because I love communicating myself. So that's the message for this particular story, that's why I use it now. It does happen to be memorable. I'll have people come up to me, sometimes five years later, since I was in a training with them, and they'll say, hey, TJ, anyone pointing guns at you lately? So it is memorable. It's a little more emotional and dramatic than the typical story.

People say, you know, is that really true? Yes, it was true. It did happen to me. And it was annoying and frankly, a little scary at the time. But that's why it's easy to tell us a story. Now more than two decades later, I'm just reliving the actual experience.

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