Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey is undoubtedly one of the best presenters, public speakers communicators in the entire world and has been for decades. She got her own nationally syndicated talk show in the mid 1980s. And has been a huge, huge force in United States, the Western world, the English speaking world ever since, and her philanthropy has had a huge impact Africa and other places. Take a look at the clip below. And I think you can get a sense of why she's so popular, why she connects every time she speaks. She's communicating not just with the intellect, but with her heart with emotions, there's an emotional connection.

There's a tremendous amount of empathy that comes out on any subject she talks about. In this particular speech, you could see her thanking people in a highly specific way. She's conversational. She knows how to start slow, build To some drama, have an emotional high point in a presentation. Now, it frankly doesn't matter if she's giving a speech and acceptance speech interviewing someone or being interviewed. She's always Oprah.

And by that I mean, she comes across as genuine, as empathetic. She shared she's not afraid to talk about some of the worst things that have happened in her life and she's had she's come from nothing, and had extreme poverty, other extreme horrific situations happen in her childhood. She's overcome all of that. And that's one reason why so many people relate to her whether she's talking about problems with relationships, family weight, she comes across as extraordinarily genuine, compassionate, and empathetic when you do that, when you're presenting. You're way way ahead of the crowd. So take a look.

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